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  1. Some DSO with my Nikon D3100 Ciubarec Astro Page: Photos
  2. Well Done! Great Job! Below my : Ciubarec Astro Page: ISS 27/04/2012 Greece
  3. Thanks for sharing Andy Which method is more accurate , polar align using polar scope and polaris Ha clock from handset or this one. I have a HEQ5 , i whant to use it for imaging with a 180mm lense unguided.
  4. Lunar image using Skymax 150 + Nikon D3100 50 raw stack in registax
  5. A basic deep sky for sure on guided mount. I was imaging M27 last night ,from my balcony with a horribly bright street light , using the following kit : Mak 6" Camera Nikon D3100 ISO 800 F/12 lights 6x 7min total 42min Raw mode Stack DSS HEQ5 guided PHD finder 9x50 & SPC 880
  6. +1 PolarFinder https://market.android.com/details?id=it.granchio.polarfinder&hl=en PolarFinder calculates in real time the Polaris position using GPS and sys date
  7. well done Alan How accurate is the polar alignment you've done thanks.
  8. Norwegian photographer Terje Sorgjerd speaks to CNN about his latest project. Ciubarec Astro Page: Milky Way photos shine
  9. 3 minutes of escape....... THANK YOU, Terje Sorgjerd Ciubarec Astro Page: Milky Way through a Sahara sandstorm!
  10. Saturn 12/04/2011 maksutov skymax150*f/24 spc880 * fiter baader moon *skyglow Ciubarec Astro Page: Last Photos
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