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  1. deep sky stacker question, how come the bullseye do not find my comet ? Is there a manual way to make it center my comet ?
  2. JUPITER - February 13, 2015 - Very windy conditions !!!! C14" - DMK618 Mono - RGB Astrodon & Astronomik IR742 filters
  3. JUPITER - February 12, 2015 - Average seeing conditions C14" - DMK618 Mono - RGB Astrodon & Astronomik IR742 filters
  4. I love imaging with the IR 742 filter Michael...it cut through that seeing indeed !!
  5. Just made an animation from my Jupiter February 09, 2015 captures on the moons IO and EUROPE crossing. Jupiter Moons 2.wmv
  6. My Jupiter observations in rather poor / average seeing conditions All images taken in IR742.
  7. FINALLY, good seeing for this observations on February 8, 2015
  8. My Jupiter observations from February 03, 2015 Some poor seeing.. Will kick up better... I feel it..
  9. My Jupiter observations from January 28, 2015 Lots of dew... Almost impossible to image..
  10. JUPITER - January 27, 2015 - C14" DMK618 Crappy seeing
  11. Ok guys, I have stacked a few comets over the last few weeks and all get different results, some good and some bad. I just want to now what the best settings are for stacking ON come AND stars.. I'm using the new 3.3.4 DSS program.. LoveJoy A.tif
  12. This is my picture and deep sky stacker can't find any stars !?!?!? I adjusted the threshold a few times but no result !
  13. I use DSS for my comet stacking, I select stack on Comet AND stars what DSS is doing, BUT I still have traces of stars in my pictures, actually it is not trailing but I guess it has something to do with the setting. Can somebody help me to prevent this and how to select the proper setting for a nice clean final image ? I'm kinda hopeless for now and don't know what to do ! When you look or blow up my pictures you will notice those streaks .. Freddy Willems
  14. Had some better seeing for this set but still very foggy and lots of dew to fight !
  15. Backlog... visitors...My Jupiter observations April 29, 2014, gets lower and lower now. Freddy
  16. Some better seeing for this set, got some collimation done also.. Freddy
  17. Some images from April 26, 2014, still turbulent conditions her. Freddy
  18. Again turbulent seeing for this Jupiter set.. Freddy
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