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Walking on the Moon

Up close and personal


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Been admiring the close up moon images posted here over the last few days so decided

to have a go even though it's not my thing really.

Anyway, set up this evening with the 200mm F6 reflector and Toucam with a 2x barlow at prime focus.

Collimated the scope till it was spot on and took a load of AVI's of the moon, some with and some without

the barlow.

This one was using the barlow, 100 frames Registax.

Very pleased with it :D

Off now to see what else I caught..


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What sort of magnification would this have been

Good question.. not quite sure how to work it out with a Toucam

but I know that I get a similar sized view through a 6mm eyepiece

as I get on screen with the camera.

Scope is 1200mm focal length so assuming about 6mm then magnification

is 200 times, then theres the barlow so double that to 400 times.

Seems a bit much that but would be interested to know how to work this out.


Save up for a Toucam mate.

You can get these images even with the DOB mount 8)

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