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  1. great image there :shock: will be cool what you get when you start guiding 8)
  2. that is a great shot there! tesco are doing the big poster prints in store now, you'll have to let me have a finished file and i'll get it printed if you want?
  3. that is a monster shot! send it in! :whip2: well done bet your well chuffed with that!
  4. that is a great image! love m13 and very sharp focus!
  5. just got back from philips, after a birthday meal (hint, hint) got this image with my sony a100 and tamron 70-300 lens, had a new 400mm lens but it would not quite fit
  6. wow thats great that:) love to see this m57 is one my favs!
  7. thats a corker! should be clear i'm on earlies :insects1:
  8. focus was fine with the barlow, very easy stuff like this with a dob, good fun thanks philip!
  9. think there are some specks on my barlow
  10. not been out much this year, very busy at work and the weather is carp, here is a sun image with an 8" dob and my sony a100 dslr processed from raw. rich
  11. it is a great sight, i've had some power problems, first time i have seen a lunar eclipse loving it so far!
  12. great images kain! very sharp and contrasty! you say steady hand, have you tried an adaptor that fixes into the tripod screw bit on the bottom of the camera and fixes to the ep solidly? though there is nothing wrong with the image at all, just thought it would just be easier and save you some hassle
  13. god i'm so excited about this i can hardly wait :blob:
  14. wow i love the detail on the mosaic, how long does it take to post process and put together something like that?
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