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First Light! Over the Moon!

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My wife and I managed to get the scope out for the first time tonight and got our first view of the Moon and Jupiter along with Gannymede, Europa, Io and Callisto!! Absolutely fantastic! Even managed to get some pics of the Moon but they are not too good (just held my Sony Cybershot up to the EP) still we were very pleased! Introduction to Astronomy course tomorrow at the Norman Lockyer Observatory!! :)



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Really good shots! Particularly the first one.

I managed to get my telescope out for the first time last night (only came on Thursday) as there was a brief break in te clouds. Got some great views of the Moon so was made up!

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Not too bad at all. Afocal hand held shots are hard because not only have you got to try and keep the camera still, you also have to try and keep the camera square to the EP ideally without touching the scope.

You've done well with the first one, the second maybe the focus is off slightly or a little movement.

Try something like Adaptors - Skywatcher Universal Camera Adapter - this is pretty universal, it'll fit most camera's and telescopes, so one of the few things that can be kept for life :)

Keep 'em coming.


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I tried a 25mm Meade wide angle ep in a 130P recently - the difference it made was a vast improvement on the supplied ep's. You ought to be able to pick one up in the For Sale section for around £30 - £40 if it comes up. Or try Astro Buy Sell.

To get a little more magnification you'd find it hard to beat a 15mm TV plossl which I'm sure would make the scope sing - might be around the £50 mark :)

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Nice photos :) your post sounds so similar to our first go with our telescope. Seeing the moon and Jupiter and it's 4 moons. Something I can't waitto see again!

It's addictive isn't it! :) keep showing us your photos


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