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  1. The point is, there is no need to have 240v at a pier, is there? I am talking about a pier outside, not inside an obsy. What equipment might need 240v? The mount, cameras, filter wheels etc all use DC. It is far safer to run 12v to the pier and it can supply every need.
  2. I have no mains going to my pier outside in the garden. It is not needed. All you need are a couple of Bench supplies (13.8v) in your house/warm room and run 12v to the pier on multiple lines. I then have converters at the pier that drop one of the incoming 12vdc lines to 5v dc for my Quark etc. I also have 4 way cigarette connectors at the pier for tghe mount and other devices. All the cables are run underground in a trench and a 2 inch flexible pipe.
  3. I use a guidescope with my C6 SCT with no problems.
  4. I use the Startech system but my Cat 6 cable is run into the observatory in a trench. Startech does not use ethernet, it uses an ethernet cable. I can't see how Powerline adaptors would work as the use network protocols over the mains electrical circuit so the have yo be plugged into a 13amp socket.
  5. My pier is in the garden and links in to a brick obsy building via underground cables. No mains goes to the pier (not needed) and all data is through a Cat 5 cable. The only power is 12v from 2 Maplin's Bench supplies and one of them feeds into a box on the pier with 2 DC - DC 12v to 5v convertors. All cabling runs in a trench through a 2 inch flexible armoured conduit. There are also 2 serial cables for the focus and HC serial connection to the PC with Starry Night Pro 6. I also have Splashtop on all my computers which allows me to control the whole setup from anywhere in the world through the internet.
  6. Ha ha! I hadn't finished doing the cables when I took the pictures. They are better now.
  7. Yes I have a cover for the pier but if is going to be unused for any length of time I will just lift off the dual plate with the scopes on it and put them in the obsy shed.
  8. I have completed the installation of the pier in my garden. It is linked by underground 12v, 5v, focuser and USB over Cat6 cables to my brick built observatory shed that houses all the psu's, computers and controls. It can be operated by wifi through the Starsense and Starry Night Pro from anywhere on the planet! Now all I need is clear skies!
  9. Pier is in with all the cabling in the trench in a 40mm reinforced flexible pipe. No mains at the pier only 12 and 5 volts.
  10. Fortunately FLO changed my Starsense for another and now I can connect to my PC and Starry Night via the USB over Cat 6. Works great now. Had a go tonight and the only problem I had was that the Starsense alignment was way out. Time/Date and Location were correct but the final alignment was miles away. had to give up as the clouds rolled in.
  11. Ok further update. Tried again connecting through the SkyFi 3 and the Starsense and it connects for a while then drops out. It's not the SkyFi, which works well but it seems to be the Starsense HC locking up. Oh well. SkyFi is going back as surplus to requirements.
  12. Ha ha! Just slewed to daytime targets. Not commenting on accuracy yet!
  13. Thought I'd got it all working but now the Starsense HC is locking up and the connection to the Skyfi 3 drops out.
  14. Update on the Starsense for Skywatcher and remote control of my mount. I tried absolutely everything to get connected to the NEQ6 mount including usb cable and PL2303 drivers to a PC and also using a SkyFi 3 unit and Skysafari 5, with no luck. Today I took the Starsense back to FLO who exchanged it for another and I set it up on my mount/scopes. Bingo! Connected first time through the Skyfi 3 and Skysafari android app on my tablet, ran for 3 hours with no problem and slewed to over a dozen targets. I then connected my imaging PC in the Obsy to the Starsense through SkyFi 3 and Starry Night 6 Pro via a Virtual Com port with no problem. So it seems that the problem was a faulty Starsense HC!
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