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  1. For Sale: Sky Watcher AllView GOTO mount. Great for time-lapse, panoramas with DSLR cameras as well as Astrophotography with scope or DSLR. Hardly used comes complete with tripod and handset. Collection from Exeter, Devon. £200 (no offeres) *Scope in photo not included
  2. The handset has a dedicated port and the USB port is separate. I'm not sure if the direct usb connection overrides the HC as I've never used the handset.
  3. With the AZEQ6-GT you don't need a Hi-Tec or any other adaptor. You just connect with a standard USB cable from the USB port on the mount to a USB port on the computer. EQMOD will pick up the connection. I use this mount in my Obsy and that's how mine is connected.
  4. I have read your paper on Arxiv but I can't say I'm convinced. Has it been submitted to any peer review journals? Also, what feedback have you had from reliable sources?
  5. I wouldn't take the Daily Fail as a source for anything especially this flawed idea.
  6. I have two 13.8 v bench supplies in my obsy warm building with 3 seperate runs of 12 volts running underground to the pier. One 12 v supply converst to 5 v at the pier end so all my equipment is adequately supplied and no mains needed at the pier.
  7. I have been using N.I.N.A. for a while now and have really enjoyed getting to grips with the software. Having used several programmes including CCDCiel and SGP I'll say it is the best and easiest I've used. I love how it is easy to set up, frame and squence a target. Using Carte du Ciel, I choose and select my target then go back to NINA get the coordinates in the Framing section then Slew to the target, plate solve in ASTAP then when I'm happy, transfer the target to the Sequencer, set up the sequence, ensuring that Plate Solve and Centre target is selected, and run. It's a stable platform
  8. For Sale my 6 month old Bresser AR152L/1200 acro refractor. Great monster of a scope for the price. Bought from in April 2020 but I now find it is surplus to my imaging needs as I've bought another scope. Given that it is so big, I would prefer collection from Exeter. Comes with finder, extension tubes and tube rings as well as a diagonal. It cost me 513 GBP and I'm asking 400GBP. https://www.tringastro.co.uk/bresser-messier-ar-152l1200-hex-focus-optical-tube-assembly-11260-p.asp
  9. Thanks. The house is an old cow shed. Ha ha.
  10. Many thanks. I hadn't realised that and have now set up several profiles for my varying configurations.
  11. Yes it is. Comes with handset and connecting cable for EQMOD control too.
  12. It is on the pier at the moment so I'll get some pictures later.
  13. I am upgrading my equipment and have the following for sale. The larger item (mount) would be collection ( from Exeter ) unless buyer wants to arrange delivery. 1. Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro mount with 2 inch tripod and EQDIRECT cable, power cable and handset. - 350 pounds (This mount has been well used and has some cosmetic wear but works ok. Could probably do with a simple backlash adjustment, hence the price.) 2. Starsense for Skywatcher (auto align your mount in 5 mins!) As new with origianl box. - 200 pounds
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