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  1. very cool photos!! I love the one with the band of cloud through the middle of the sun with venus in the top right. I wish I'd gotten up to try and see it but I dont have a good view of the horizon and the weather was nothing but cloud
  2. I was out viewing both Jupiter and Venus around the same time with my 200p and I saw Europa sticking out the side of Jup' and the dark circle and wondered if it could be the moons shadow. That's ace that its been confirmed! I found Jupiter a little hard to get a good focus on as well, I was just visually observing but it certainly didn't seem as sharp as I've seen him in the past. And I was quite surprised one of the equitorial belts seems to have faded I haven't looked at Jup' for a while because i've been waiting for mars. Great pictures you've got there dude! Ace to see what the 200p can do! Porl''
  3. Those photos are absolutely astonishing!! The fact you can see the clouds and even the surface details like that amazes me. Porl''
  4. When I saw Neptune yesterday it was sitting right next to Venus. I kept seeing it skirting around the peripheral of the eyepiece when re centering Venus. If you defocus Venus pretty much right out Neptune appears. In my eyepeice Neptune sat to the left of Venus if thats any help. I was using a 10mm with a Barlow and it was a small but perfectly spherical blue dot. Both planets are in the same field of view. Very cool to see. Porl''
  5. Great observing report! very similar to my session yesterday bagging venus and neptune. I know what you mean about it seeming so remote. To think its so far away, blows my mind we can even see it with a telescope in our gardens I've got to get my eyepiece on mars! What scope do you have? you say its a 200mm, is it a skywatcher 200P? thats what I have and im curious to know what detail you would see on mars. Porl''
  6. yeah thats what i saw exactly Deejay! The white turbulence. Its got to be the GRS right? Porl''
  7. Hi Everyone, I've just come in from a great hour session in my new observing location (new garden). I set my scope up at 3pm to cool off till the sun started to set so I could finally see Venus before it dipped below the holly tree in my back garden. 5pm comes around and Venus is nice and bright and high so I set the scope on it. I was amazed at how bright it is! Hard to make out the phase but its definetly there. I think the seeing is very steady for me as there was no dancing around in the focus. I kept seeing a star just off to the side of Venus when I re-centred Venus in the eyepiece. I got Google Skymaps out to see if there was anything else for me to aim at and noticed that it said that Neptune was right next to Venus. I couldnt believe it, two planets in the same view!!! I focused Venus out and low and behold, a perfect blue planet hiding in the glare to the side of Venus! Focus one way and you get the second closest planet to the Sun, focus the other way and you get the furthest planet out in the solar system! Very cool! I then decided to train the scope on Jupiter as he's nice and high early now. Awesome view as ever! I can never get enough of Jupiter, it always fills me with awe as you really get the size of the planet when comparing it to the moons. I noticed a dark spot in the middle of the northen equitorial band. Im pretty sure from spending some time on the eyepiece that its the shadow of Callisto traversing the planet. Or the nearest moon to the planet in the eyepiece anyway. Also in the southern equitorial band there look suspiciously like a large storm near the edge of the planet. There was definate white cloud ripples trailing or leading it along the band as well. It wasn't red, does the GRS show definate red in the eyepiece? I came in to check stellarium but it didnt show the GRS for the time i was viewing it though. Is stellarium super accurate for things like the GRS? And moon shadows? It was a great short session! 3 planets in one hour! loved it! Porl''
  8. ace! Mars is one im still waiting to see, hopefully i'll get to see it from my new garden, im hoping mars wont be too low down :S Can you get much detail out of Mars yet? does it need to swing round a bit closer to us really? Porl''
  9. Hey Chrismann1, thats what I did with my focuser cap too I used a combination of chesire and drilled focuser cap to get my collimation a lot better. Its pretty daunting taking the main mirror out but like Dag says, if you take your time and are careful not to drop it or touch the mirror with your fingers you should be good to go Hope you guys get your scopes collimated as I think its a great little scope Porl''
  10. Thanks Ron Im certainly going to be pinching the camera from my girlfriend and getting more night shots with it. I used the standard kit lense for the 350d for these photos. I think its a 18mm-55mm. I tried the 80mm-300mm but that wouldnt get the buildings in well enough. Porl''
  11. Hi all, I noticed that the clouds started clearing the other night and thought i'd run out with the 350D and have a go at getting some shots of the constellations while trying to get some of the buildings on my girlfriends farm in to make some interesting scenery. Im really pleased with how they turned out, the light pollution and the wispy clouds made the sky have a burning apocolyptic feel to the pictures i think I can't remember the settings but these are single shots of 5 seconds i think. Hope you like them. Paul''
  12. I think im going to have to borrow a pair of binoculars from my gf's mom when i go out with the scope next, if it stays as clear tonight as it is right now I'll be out tonight. I guess using a pair of Bino's gives you a wider field of view to spot with then go with the spotting scope then the eyepiece? Im determined to see these now haha Dude, I have had the same thought about having Goto a few times now haha. I absolutely love it when I eventually find an object manually but jeebs it can be awefully frustrating cant it!!! haha Porl''
  13. Its great to see Jupiter isnt it and the first time blows your mind!! Do you have any other eyepieces or just the 2 standards that come with the scope? I still have my Astromaster 130EQ, which was my first scope and I loved it to bits. It served me well for the past 9 months and I think its a great first scope. It showed me Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn. I hope you get many more great views with it Porl''
  14. I had a look for Uranus tonight but really didnt know what to look for. I used Google sky maps on my phone but the area of sky Uranus is in is a light pollution band on the horizon to me and I couldnt make out the constellation markers very easily. I scanned around with my 32mm plossl and saw plenty of light blue hot stars, would Uranus stand out against the normal blue stars? or would I really need to know I was looking at the exact right one and 'zoom' in? I have an 8" 200p so I should be able to find it, right? thanks Porl''
  15. Its clear here, or was when I was out about an hour ago. Got a good 2 hours in before I got cold knees and the urge for a cuppa. Got some good scope time on Jupiter and saw IO start to pass behind the planet. Had a peep at Andromeda and M101 which i've never seen before, i've seen andromeda but not the satelitte galaxy. I tried to find neptune and uranus but no luck there. Oh and saw a huge shooting star burning up very orange lasting a few seconds. Came down above jupiter and shot down to the left of him. Very very cool Hope everyone else is having some clear patches Porl''
  16. theres been a few holes punched into the clouds here but nothing significant :-( haha Porl''
  17. That would be good. Here smack bang in the middle in Swadlincote Derbyshire its solid low hanging grey cloud :S Come on clear skies!! Porl''
  18. ive just come in from my first proper session for about a month because of commitments and the nearly month long cloud cover it seemed. Got my first light on the Orion Nebula for this season very cool to see it again and especially through my newish SW 200p. A marked improvement in the view over my trusty Astromaster 130EQ. And good ol Joop looked good as always. Clouds started to roll in on me though and cold knee's sent me in. Good night though all in all. Porl''
  19. I also had a go with the 'scope tonight and observed jupiter for round 15 minutes. I noticed it seem to dim slightly once or twice, I looked away from the eyepiece to look at Joop' in the sky and the clouds slapped him out of the sky. Now its wall to wall. Oh well, at least I got some eyeball time in with jupiter. Porl''
  20. I've got the Astromaster 130EQ and it was my first scope and I was chuffed to bits with it. I can't complain about it at all, it feels pretty solid, its light enough to easily set up and move around as one whole unit (scope+mount/tripod) and doesn't take up much space. I've had great views from it. About photography, i've only glanced through the thread so far, you can piggy back on the back of the scope to use it like a big camera tripod really easily. Also photography through the eyepiece is relatively easy to get sharp images of the moon (the only things i've tried) using a Universal Digi-mount. Skywatcher / celestron etc all do them and they fit compact digital cameras on. I've used the digi-mount with a barlow and 32mm lense so it was hanging quite far out on the focusing tube and it handled the weight no problem at all I hope that helps answer some questions and I hope you enjoy your new scope, i think its a great starter scope. Porl''
  21. ace!! Im going to try and spot it tonight, but i dont think it'll be high enough tonight at 9:20pm to see it. Stellarium shows that'll be the latest time to see it before it goes round the corner as it were. Porl''
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