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NGC660 L


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I shot this data on the 16th October and have been trying to get more for it ever since.:D

The only clear skies I have had since have been nights with a high and bright moon, as a result I have 200 odd minutes of Ha to mix with red data if I ever get the chance at some More L and RGB.

The image so far is: 20 @ 5 min's luminance through my 10" newt and HX916 CCD.



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Thanks guys.

TJ, no deconvolution on this or any of my shots, I have just never seemed to get on with it in maxim. High pass filter was used on this I think (processed it a few weeks ago).

Do you know if it's the result of 2 galaxies colliding?
I think so, it's a polar ring galaxy
What creates Polar Ring glaxies is still being researched, but a leading theory is the collision of two distinct galaxies in the distant past.
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