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Thanks all for your very nice comments.

Stunning.. love it

Kevin, how do you find the WO TMB field flatness? I have the TMB one on test, but it's expensive..

It's a way better match to the scope than the Televue TRF2008 I was using. I am getting pin point stars to the edges now and there is no false colour introduced by it. I had to get an adapter from Starlight Instruments for my 3.5" focuser this cost £99 pounds which was a bit steep but I got the flattener for £100 off of book price. So £300 all in which is a sight cheaper than the £900 for the official one.



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Hi Kevin,

After my measly attempts I am hardly one to make critical observation, but I like the reworked one better. The framing is more pleasing to the eye and gives the galaxy a stronger feel of motion. The background brings the galaxy out better in the revised version.

But I like the dust lanes on this earlier version more as they appear (to me at least) to be slightly more clearly defined.

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I've tried to congratulate you on this one twice now but my message seems to disappear. So for the third time(!!!) great stuff and how did you get so deep into the core? Come on, I'll buy you as much beer as you can drink!!!


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