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  1. Hi, Just to come back to my own topic: my 16" UL dobson has arrived end last year in excellent condition. I have already assembled it and I could take it out for observation. The quality of the optics is really good, I needed to do some tweaks to the mechanics but no major changes, CS, Janos
  2. Carole, Thanks for chiming in. My mount is connected to the PC with en EQMOD cable, and the slew is initiated from SGpro. So there is no gamepad involved, Cheers, Janos
  3. Hi, All of a sudden my AZEQ6 started a very strange behaviour in DEC. When I connect the mount via EQMOD and I send a Goto command to slew to a target, It stops for a second when the slew reaches the target coordinates( I see in in the EMOD monitor). After that, my mount is doing 5 more consequent slews in DEC without any visible reason ( tried with different targets). In the EQMOD monitor it shows no change in coordinates, but actually is slew about 10 degrees in DEC. When I send the mount to the Home position, this DEC offset stays, so it doesn't return to the original Home positio
  4. Hi, I would like to share my experience so far with you concerning the UL dobsons of Hubble Optics. To start with, I have purchased their UL 16" dobson end of May this year. They have advertised 3-5 weeks delivery time which would be acceptable. Now I am at week 10, and just received a message that my scope has still at least 6-8 weeks until it would arrive. It is pretty frustrating, but I cannot do anything about it. So, if you go for this design, be prepared for several months of waiting :-( CS, Janos
  5. Just to update my own question: apparently there is a DIP switch on this board ( just above the ARM chip in the middle ), and you have to set it according to the mount you are placing it in. I requested the info what should I set for an AZEQ6 mount.
  6. Hi All, I would like to share the follow-up of this story as far as it goes until now. The lockups of the camera kept happening even after disabling the power saving of the USB ports, and even when I connected the camera on a separate Usb port. I was also trying to revert to the legacy driver from 2018 which worked perfectly last year - no joy. The camera went for a revision to Atik somewhere in May this year, and I have a bad feeling that these issues started after... Finally I bit the bullet and I have sent the camera to Atik again for a hardware investigation a week ago. Hop
  7. Hi Everyone, I was helping a friend to replace his damaged motor controller board on his AZEQ6 Synscan mount. This new board has an USB connector as well. Replacement went fine and we reconnected everything. After reassembling the mount works fine with the hand controller, USB connection to PC works as expected. But - there is one weirdness. When we tried to enter in the Utility menu for changing illumination of the polar scope in the handctontroller, we get the message "Not available for this mount" ! The illumination adjustment was well possible with the "old" motor board without
  8. Thanks for your helpful advises, I checked and indeed the USB power saving option was enabled. I have set it off now everywhere, so let’s hope it solves the lockup’s. For a test I must wait for the next clear evening Cheers, Janos
  9. Ok, I will check it this evening.
  10. Thanks Dr_Ju_ju, I am using Sgpro, this is the latest stable version. The loose USB port cannot be the reason, because an Asi 294 was running without interruption on the same USB hub the whole time. My fear that Window update did some "magic" somewhere which specifically affects the Atik software... The other day I have tested the issue with a previous version of the Atik and filterwheel driver- it made it even worse. I mailed Atik support as wel, but they are closed for business until the 3rd of September. Cheers, Janos
  11. Hi, My latest imaging sessions turned out to be a nightmare for unknown reason, here is what happened. I connected my Atik 11000 and then EFW2 filterwheel as usual to a powered USB hub and started my imaging session in Sgpro. After 2 frames the download of the next frame took forever, so I tried to stop the sequence - no chance, I had to kill it with Task manger. By restarting Sgpro the camera and filterwheel was not connecting anymore. Powered on and off both - now it was working again for some time, than the same lockup happened again. After 4-5 times repeating this annoying game the ca
  12. Hi, I have one suspection: you don't have enough stars in the field of view with the MAK, that is why plate solving fails. Maybe try to use 4x4 binning, so you have 16 times more sensitivity on the sensor. Hopefully you get is sorted out soon ! Clear skies, Janos
  13. Thanks ;-). I use this one instead of bending down: https://www.astromarket.org/monteringen-en-toebehoren/polar-finders/amici-prism-for-polar-finder-scope, very convenient ! As I experience a good manual alignment is more than enough for me and allows perfect guiding even on my 10" Skywatcher reflector.
  14. Julian en John, thanks for chiming in ! I decided to figure out how it's done EXACTLY, because the manual doesn't answer my question. So here it is how it works: 1, Remove the polar scope by using some kind of vice/jaws. I have protected the tube by surrondig it with a thick layer of textile before I tried to loosen it, but it was not difficult. 2, Focus the reticle as usual to see the hour marks sharply. 2, Now the tricky bit ;-). As I discovered, right behind the scaled silver ring is a smaller black ring, you need to loosen it to be able to focus the polar scope on
  15. Hi, I have started to use my new mount and I don't find any instructions ( paper or online ) on this topic. What I exactly mean: by turning the back end of the polar scope I can focus the polar scope, but the reticle is not in focus when Polaris is focused. Before I start trying and tinkering maybe someone knows how to get the reticle and Polaris focused at the same time. My idea would be to focus the reticle first. After that I would need to know where/what else can I turn to reach focus on stars. My polar scope is already aligned with the RA axis btw, so those 3 grub screws are out
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