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is this as good as it sounds???


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Is anyone else's spidey senses tingling on this item? Same images, exactly the same text, different locations, different prices. One of these may be real, but I doubt the London craigslist one is

Google Translate

eBay Österreich: Meade 14" LX200 GPS Telescope (Artikel 220621490854 endet 16.06.10 16:29:57 MESZ)

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There have been some scams on big scopes on ebay recently, i placed a bid on one and got an email from ebay saying that it was an account which was not in control of the original owner...

Of course this happens after the auction has ended I hope the winning bidder didn't loose any money.

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lol this is getting good now, i offered him 900 and he said a grand including packing, and he wants the money by money transfer,so yes it is too good to be true, i have emailed and asked him how come the scope is on sale by 3 different sellers in 3 different countries? no reply as of yet......lmao!!

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This is patently a scam even before the link to the other ads

  • worldwide shipping - this is almost an automatic scam if it sys this. You know it will be for shipping only even if you live in London
  • pictures - this does not look like a typical British house
  • he paid ten grand - in dollars probably

Sorry but this sort of ad is just so blatantly a scam I don't know how people fall for it.

If you wanted fun you could get into a long discussion about how his brother could ship it from his aunties house at 419 Scam Street in Nigeria .

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I once read a great article about these kind of scams. The person turned it round and managed to con them out of money. Along the lines of asking them to do something, and because they thought the person was going to fall for it, they risked a bit of money - scam the scammer.

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ah, hotmail...bit more risky


If you were thinking of a nuke or something along those lines , then yes VERY risk with Hotmail.

As to the add I wonder if I scanned in a £50 note and printed my own cash he would accept it and send the goods :mad:

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