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  1. I wrote my post just as the previous one was being posted! I am signed up to the Yahoo group but as I have minimal programming skills can't actively contribute apart from with user experiences - Chris Rowland is one of the unpaid people that spend a lot of time keeping ASCOM going. Kudos to him for that and he has only ever posted helpful comments on the forum but even he as a developer says which is perhaps a bit more diplomatic than my first post but nonetheless quite an admission from an insider and what I was alluding to in my post.
  2. Hats off to you for even considering such a mammoth task. I'm not clear if you are proposing a true universal standard for things and hoping it get adopted by the wider astro community or just a "little" project for yourself. If it is the former then I don't think you're in with much of a chance of getting things adopted (unfortunately). ASCOM is supposed to open and universal (for windows) but in reality is driven by 2 vendors (Diffraction Limited who sell Maximdl and DC3Dreams who sell ACP). Whilst it is a good idea in principle it is what these 2 programs depend on and the programs also dep
  3. Orions belt and the pyramids Google is your best friend........ or No, no, no, no - I wish people would stop promulgating this myth . It is more Robert Bauval rubbish that is just put into print to sell books. Hancock, Bauval and science = oxymoron; Hancock's half hour had more coherent science.
  4. I'd be astounded if it wasn't flat batteries, flat tyres and running out of petrol; all Have been there pretty much since the start of cars (give or take). That's why the adverts (AA/RAC) claiming x percentage of breakdowns are fixed at the roadside is an example of pointless statistical posturing. (I'd go for the ASA everytime)
  5. I assume you have flicked the switch that changes the hub from hand to PC control? I have been caught out before by this.
  6. It takes an awful lot to really impress me with customer service - my recent experience has surpassed any expectations I could have had. I had an Artemis (ie the previous, old version of Atik) 11002 camera. Whilst it was okay it recently developed a couple of issues - some dust on the chip and a defect at the side of the coverslip. My thoughts were that it just needed a "clean" so thought I'd check with Atik if they would look at it. Initial encouragement (they said they could deal with it even though it was an Artemis) turned to disappointment when they said they would need to swap the chip i
  7. I'd take your keyboard back to the shop if it makes audible radio waves. Or sell it to a university for a research project. Or sell it to a military weapons company.
  8. Here we go again. Refractor versus reflectors, again. I am not knocking refractors or their fans and ultimately this hobby is about what gives you the most pleasure - by definition this is entirely subjective. However, I get so fed up of refractor fans going on about how superior they are to reflectors. They aren't, they are different and are usually designed for different things. Still the refractor zealots always argue otherwise and then go off comparing a high end AP or Tak refractor against a (probably) poorly collimated low end SCT; well doesn't take a genius to work out which one is "bet
  9. Talk about sweeping statements......the £75 Newtonian the local camera shop is bad so all Newtonians are bad. You probably don't agree with this and yet this thread is doing exactly that about Crayford's. Surely there are good Crayford's, bad Crayford's and Crayford style focusers etc etc. A blanket statement that Crayford's are bad is far too simplistic. Granted, bad Cryford's are very bad but I have an Optec TCF which has never slipped and hauls many pounds of gear without an issue. It is expensive but, as ever, you get what you pay for. I am about to upgrade to an even more expensive Crayfo
  10. You're going to struggle to find someone who has both at those prices. I have an Optec 2" TCF and have been very happy with it. I've never used the temperature feature but it has been rock solid, excellent reproducability in Focusmax and I've had very good support from Optec. Plus they have a good range of adapters to attach to various equipment. One advanage for me with the TCF is that CCDSoft has native support which cuts out the added layer of trouble that ASCOM can cause. I'd highly recommend.
  11. I had pretty low expectations of The Widescreen Centre after previous experiences and they have managed to live down to them. Overall I've had 3 communications with them over about £5, 500 worth of custom that's now gone elsewhere. First - enquired about some software via email. Had a reply promising to look into it followed by precisely no further emails. Second - I had the "cheek" to 'phone up about what would have been a multi-thousand pound order half an hour before closing. Was told by the lady who answered that the chap I needed to speak to was dealing with someone else and it was a bit
  12. Hmm, don't know why that ended up being posted twice
  13. I do stay away. We have 2 conferences a year - the summer one is always outside London and the winter one is always in London. I never go to the winter one. As for 'elektrickery' then the countryside is a net inputter (wind/hydroelectric/nuclear/gas/coal) of it (as well as food, water and oxygen) compared to London that sucks it all in and spews out CO2 and sewerage.
  14. I do stay away. We have 2 conferences a year - the summer one is always outside London and the winter one is always in London. I never go to the winter one. As for 'elektrickery then the countryside is a net inputter (wind/hydroelectric/nuclear/gas/coal) of it (as well as food, water and oxygen) compared to London that sucks it all in and spews out CO2 and sewerage. At least I have peace, quiet, open roads and dark skies.
  15. Would have been quicker and cheaper with brillo pads and a few rattle cans from Hellfrauds.......................
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