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  1. Wow such a responce on this thread, I never thought it would of attracted so much interest! It was gutting to find out it was not a meteorite but still it was fun. Geoff: I have taken some photos but not happy with the way they turned out, the details is not as crsip as I was hoping for so will have another go tomorrow (hopping for natural light) also thanks for the offer of a real piece of a meteorite. I will probs get my mother to pop in next week during the day on my behalf as I will be at work until 19:00 This will be a real treasure and will add a little more to tell my son when he
  2. Sorry for the dealy in posting but had a really good time at the Uni thanks to Geoff. He had a look at the samle and the result is....................... Slag Iron Not a total surprise to be honest but nice to know and under the microscope it looks amazing!!!!!!! However Geoff did show me the samples of meteorites the university has (some look so un-intersting and like reguslar rocks) and also showed me some of the VERY nice kit they have in the labs. So sorry all it's not a meteorite, however he does want to send pics of it off to the Natural History Museam to get a second oppinion, as in hi
  3. I am going to meet Geoff on Thursday at Durham University and he is going to take a look at it for me. I do hope it turns out to be a meteroite, but knowing my luck it will be some junk. I will post back on Thursday night with any results and info we get. Fingers crossed.
  4. After reading that link Russ the piece we found does match all the factors outlined for a Meteorite. Including the magnet test, hopes are high but we will see what a lab test confirms. I will keep you all posted on the results
  5. Seeing those prices I do hope it is a meteorite, I will photograph me with it then sell it. I never knew they were worth so much!!!
  6. Yes it is very heavy for it's size. I think when we put it on the scales it came in at 1lb
  7. Sorry fot the delay in getting back with the pictures, but as Sunday was such a nice day we took our 1yr old to the beach. Kind of the first time he has been in the sea and he loved it By the time we finished he was so tired he didn't want his supper. Early night for him and time to relax for mum and dad Anyway as I said here are some pics. I have placed it on some kitchen roll folded in quaters: Geoff if you think this is worth investigating further my folks and I would love to pop along to Durham University with it. Can you PM me with dates and times it's best to pop along and where to
  8. Thanks for the information. I will pop round to my folks house later today and grab a few pics of it and post them up later on tonight. I will also drop off the info to them, they may pop down to Durham university as it's only 5 mins down the road from us.
  9. Hi all, My folks bought a new house last year and have just got round to doing the garden. When digging it over and throwing the rocks out they came accross one that was very heavy for it's size. When they looked at it; it was extremely smooth on 1 side and course on the others, magnets also have a very slight attraction to the rock. Doing a bit of reading these are some of the tell tail signs of a meteor. Does anyone know if/where we can get this verified at in the UK? Preferably in the North East area of the UK. Thanks
  10. you know what I am going to list it here first and not on ebay. I have no idea of pricing so I will put it up at what I think is reasonable and let people offer. After all everyone on here as been so helpful to me over the past year or so. Now to list everything.
  11. cheers for the confirmation of what I thought. The only reason I am putting this on ebay is I have no idea what to price the whole kit at so I figured out it for auction and let it sell.
  12. Hi all, Well unfortunately the time has come and I have to give up this hobby my son is taking more and more of my time (don't mind at all) and work is taking up the rest of my time (This I do mind ) So I am forced to sell all my astro gear. I am thinking of putting it all on eBay and I know the selling guide say's the following: So my question is would it be against the rules to post my advert on eBay and list the add on here so people (if they want to) can go to the add and bid? PS Check out my Album "My Kit" to see all the bits I am going to be selling Thanks
  13. Abernus

    My Kit

  14. I think giant atomic tomatoes will kill us first. Seriously mankind will kill itself long before anything out there gets a look in.
  15. A few people where i work have used Software for Students to buy office for thier Children. They have had no problems with them at all.
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