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Hello first time on this forum


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Hi all thought I'd pop up over the radar having been on this website for a few weeks. Seen lot's of good advise on the various threads but still learning .

Moved my LX200 8" classic recently and upgraded to a HEQ5 mount and tripod and a GSO 10" f4.8 Newtonian. Also have a Williams Optic grab and go ZS66 with a manfrotto tripod and alt/az pan and tilt head.

I was very much a meade person prior to visiting Kelling Heath in September and my life changed sold a cheap set of plossl's I had for £80 and bought a Paragon TMB 40mm wide eye relief 2" eyepiece (for £80.00) wow that was good so now focussing on increasing the 2" collection with Hyperions and the 1.25" with Televue Plossl's trying to avoid the temptation to jump into imaging just yet as it looks like a second mortgage Job!! Any start up suggestions greatfully received.

Thanks in advance

Clear Skies to all


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Hi Martin

Thanks for you comment and welcome.

I was just looking at a thread reference a HEQ5 and noted comments about a HEQ6 not having optical sensors does that mean the HEQ5 does and this would allow it to be manually moved without disturbing it's tracking or go to.

Thanks again


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Welcome on board!

Re your question on the HEQ5...

I have the HEQ5pro (GOTO) version and if you slightly release the clutches to move the telescope manually it has no effect on the sensors so the tracking and GOTO accuracy are unaffected.


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