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  1. Thanks Martin Appreciate your help I'll give it a whirl and report back Bernie
  2. Hi Martin Thanks for the info tried that it kind of works but only in video mode I'm using it as a guide camera but can't get the guide screen up. Seems to work ok with phd guider but.... Maxim would be good Best regards Bernie
  3. I think the ascom driver is older than the one I got with the camera July 2010. Still in need of a Maxim plug in? Anyone got one of these cameras working with Maxim DL5 Bernie
  4. Hi anyone got the Maxim plug in for the DMK 21AU04.AS Any suggestions on the best USB driver under Maxim DL5 (pulse guiding) would be appreciated. Just got the camera using it as a guider (and hopefully later for planetary ) Bernie
  5. Glad I was able to help and good luck with your imaging It's a great forum and I've had lots of help from it and it's good to relate to each others experiences and problems ...Bernie
  6. Hi not sure if we can help but I recently bought a SX 7C series ie the SX716 similar I guess with the parallel to usb conversion. It came with the original disk and a hand made disk with a sequence of events to follow . There are two folders which are refered to as "1" and "2" the read me is as follows :- " My experiences :- 1. Load the original starlight software from "1. Install 1st MX7C USB Camera Software" i) click on "setup.exe" in the "1. Install 1st MX7C USB Camera Software" folder ii) Folow all prompts & install the software AND device drivers 2. in the "2. SEE README - MX7C" folder, i) copy "05472131.hex" into both :- C:\Windows\system32\drivers & C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\MX7Chex\05472131.hex ii) Copy "BlockIO.inf" into C:\WINDOWS\inf\BlockIO.inf iii) WITHOUT power, connect the D plug from the camera to the USB interface iv) Plug the USB cable from the Interface into your USB port It should find "Empty Starlight Express USB interface" v) Follow the new hardware prompts (do not connect to Internet) NOTE: Select "Continue anyway" when the "..has not passed Windows logo test" vi) Select finish to complete. Next the following should be found :- echo1 composite device HID blockio Follow the Hardware prompts again, as in steps v) -> vi) vii) unplug the USB cable. viii) Power on the interface, pause a moment, plug in the USB cable into the USB port ix) On the Hardware, devices list there should be both :- BlockIO Human Interface DEvices HID compliant device USB Interface device (There may be more if you have a USB mouse) DONE! The camera is in. You may have to go through part of this if you ever plug into a different USB port, so I suggest you do that in each available before you try imaging. NOTE ALSO, using any of the software, there is a known problem when you have a USB mouse plugged in when you "Acquire" the camera in Astroart or STARTMX7C for the 1st time :- fire up the software interface unplug the mouse (you can always TAB to the correct box) plug in the USB camera" It won't be the same as yours but the significant points are the files to be copied in the relevant folders ,I'm guessing you have similar files on your cd you got with the camera. Also the sequence of events is important . Mine then worked first time with the sx software and Maxim Hope it helps any problems let me know All the best Bernie
  7. Thanks again John received the Manfrotto adaptor and tapped lower thread to 10 mm ok used the bench grinder to take the diameter down to fit the Berlebach just need the 1/4 to 3/8 inch screw thread convertor from china (why oh why didn't I check before I bought it!! should have gone to UK source!!) Second picture shows the mount as it should look on the Berlebach ,with the help of a hose adaptor propping it up! All the Best Bernie
  8. Thanks for your comments Mick and thank you Steve for the pictures and comments . Looks like mine isn't as can been seen by the photo. Bernie
  9. Anyone any idea how I can tell whether or not my C8 is fastar compatible? I've checked the secondary under the cove no indication. It is the older Black tube version made in the USA Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks for your comments Moonshane I did have a vixen gp-1 mount and sold it without thinking about a mount for visual (My EQ6 is committed to Astro Imaging ) Hence the purchase of the Giro mount and now the adaptor needs to fit it to the Berlaebach. Bernie
  11. Thanks John I've ordered the manfrotto adaptor and about to get the thread adaptor off ebay Bernie
  12. Thanks John an expensive option for a thread adaptor but that's astronomy I am tempted to retap ,Other option is a local engineering shop?
  13. Just received the mount and as I suspected wrong thread for the Berlebach. Now I either end up retapping the giro to 10mm or find an adaptor Any thoughts on source of an adaptor ?
  14. Hi Brett a great forum and enjoy the Hobby Bernie
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