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After a clear day,


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I have the scopes outside cooling down, There has been a a large area of sea fog to the north, stretching beyond Shetland and over to the Faroes all day, but all three island groups have remained clear.

Going to have alook at jupiter and the moon, maybe around 12.30ish it may get dark enough to have a quick go at the comet, although with the moon and twilight, I am not hopeful.

last night was clear, but the atmosphere made observing a waste of time. The moon was boiling, even at 30X, and Jupiter was unfocusable.

Fingers crossed, the sat piccy on the met office site has it clear.


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It was, up until quitting time, still covered with very high thin cloud. Got the big stripy thing though! AVIs in the lappy might work out if I manually go through hundreds of frames manually.

Off to bed as its too late for those of us who are relatively normal and have daytime jobs.

Captain Chaos

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Look forward to your images Capt. Sorry to hear you have the wind Tom, have you tried Settlers? :D

Well it was a very clear and the atmosphere was fairly steady. The Sun set around 9.20, and when I went out at 10.15, the sky still was blue but darkening, could make a couple of stars across the sky, so the obvious target was the moon.

I had set up the 3" frac, first time I have used since the 120 arrived. Had a look around the terminator, great looking at the shadows and the peaks interacting with the sun's rays. the sharpness of the shadows, so different to here on Earth. I would have dark skies by now, OK I would need breathing apparatus. :D

Swung down to Jupiter, great to see it against a blue background, only three moons visiable, made the assumption that the sky was not dark enough to show Io :D A bit of detail was showing through on the surface, with the two main bands giving the odd tantalising detailed glimpse.

By now it was getting on to 11.00 and I could just make out the seven main stars in the Plough :D

Switched over to the 120 frac, the extra aperature was amazing, useing a 10mm plossl and 2X barlow giving me 120X, the view of Jupiter was so much more distinct. The atmosphere was quite steady and allowed a glimpse of the GRS before it moved out of view. (Maybe the 6mm Vixen plossl will turn up today :D)

Also Io turned up, sliding out from behind Jupiter, clever that, hiding so I think the sky isn't dark enough. :D

By now it's 11.55 and the bleeping sky still isn't dark, down to about mag 4.5 now, I don't think there is a LP filter for sunlight :x, although in scope I can pick out lower mags, fuzzies are out and so was the comet :lol:

Turned my attention to Saturn, by now dissappearing in the North West. Couldn't make out any detail, seemed as though there was haze in that part of the sky, so abandoned that.

Went back to the Moon for another look, dew starting to be a problem, but packed up at 12.30 when fog started to roll in.

naz :lol:

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