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  1. I should think so, my sw 72ed, Canon 600D and 2 star adventurer weights set up on az gti eq mode mount is about 5.5kg and can get mostly 1-2 rms also and quite often when settled will guide below 1 too. Not tried the 3.33 firmware yet due to clouds.
  2. Hopefully it's all sorted now for you be interested when you fully test it too, sounds promising for you though. Ive also updated to 3.33 but not has a clear sky to test it yet, hopefully soon, clear skies
  3. It looks brilliant, well done. I didn't see the previous version, this is amazing though, you can't beat the star reduction, it shows so much more of the galaxy in its own right, top work
  4. For sale is my unmodded Canon 450D dslr, with 18-55mm kit lens, all the cables, charger, 2 batteries, 32gb sd scard, manuals, strap, boxed and in excellent condition. Shutter count is 11884 Only selling as its unused and I have my 600D now. Looking for £85 Inc postage, bank transfer preferred.
  5. Probably light pollution, I get it even when I try to image looking over the high St of my rural village
  6. Yes the deep sky stacker, aligns all the stars for you, use kappa sigma clipping when stacking as this will remove pesky satellite trails. This tutorial may help "Milky Way stacking with Deep Sky Stacker https://www.amateurastrophotography.com/milky-way-stacking-with-deep-sky-stacker though I've not used this one, I just take around 30 exposures and combine, also take a few calibration frames too, so no issues.
  7. Looks real clean that, good job. You could try taking more of the same exposure and stacking them in a stacking software such as deep sky stacker, which is what I do, good luck
  8. Thank you, be good to see if they did solve the declination axis runaway. I shall update my firmware soon, let's us know how you get on if the rains subside. Clear skies
  9. Let us know how you get on with the replacement mount and hopefully this one will be better for you
  10. Yes think your right zermelo as you bought my skymax 127 ftom me and I purchased my az gti and Skymax 127 seperatly, didn't think of that
  11. That is odd and looks like my finderscope shoe is in a different place to yours here my old scope before its on the az gti and csn see if I mounted mine on left as pre update my fs is on the bottom as pictured in the other image
  12. Good luck Mike just about 3 miles from me you'll have amazing clear dark skies tonight, North Cornwall ain't going to disappoint you, what target have you in mind, M31?, clear skies friend
  13. Hi I don't have the Skymax 127 any more but I still have images of it mounted using the the right arm side and the finder is in a much better position, before the firmware update is was underneath the scope.
  14. Thank you Mike, I was going mad during the processing towards the end haha. We've had some good clear nights these past 2 weeks, transparency wasn't to bad until Friday night when imaging this. So much haze and mist around right now but moro might so far is looking good abd clear so hoping to clsin another target, going to go galaxy and fireworks galaxy if possible. Have fun and clears skies here up 'north' moro
  15. This is my abismal attempt at IC1396 on Friday night with my sw 72ed AzGti Canon 600D eq mode Asiair pro set up, it was a warm evening and the dslr was suffering with noise and banding worked really hard on this image and artist licence in photoshop. 46x120 sec images (desperately needs more) 800iso, 30x flat, dark flat and bias. Stacked on dss and processed in ps. Not over happy with it but worth a post.
  16. So beautiful Mike, really shows the effort you've put in, be very proud of your image
  17. Thank you Chris , really wanted to do M31 justice with my not meant for astrophotography setup, hoping to collect more data throughout the months to add to it.
  18. I'll look forward to your video. I know right all those clear night's, definitely used up my quota for the year now but so worth it after 7 weeks without one
  19. Thank you Mike. That LP from Plymouth must be hellish for you. You are very welcome to North Cornwall anytime, though we've had 7 out of 8 clear night's here do that's probably used up thd quota for the year now haha. I was imaging this M31 during the just past full moon and M31 was sitting above the moon on the first night so only 30 subs then but got 54 last night with the later moonrise. Hoping to get more to add to it when it's clear again. Hope you had fun with clear skies this week. Clear skies
  20. Brilliant image and really nice report. I've recently got a AAP and only started using it this week but I love it with my sw 72ed AzGti Canon 600D setup. When I set a lights plan I just let the AAP do its thing, as long as the image in the image library folder looks good and the peak of the histogram is away from the left edge I'm happy. I see you have a canon dslr, I'm not sure which model but I use a 600D and don't shoot darks, I shot flat, dark flat and bias. For my bias I set the exposure time to 0.000032 and this gets me to the equivalent of 1/4000 shutter speed my dslr can go to. Shooting dark flats I go in the bias plan and change exposure to 2 secs with the lens cap on. Try no darks next time or with to see if it makes a difference. Could save you more time to get dome light frames in. Clear skies
  21. Pahahah oh shush, if you see my M31 image on the deep sky imaging section you'll see I'm not that much of an expert. It's what happens when you have 6 clear night's out of 7, go to work shattered and not able to leave kit out for long periods. But thank you very kind.
  22. Thank you Ags, I've post it along with an M31 image I've taken over the past few nights, this little mount really pushing the astrophotography envelope.
  23. Here is my attempt of M31 The Andromeda galaxy taken over 2 nights on 27th and 29th August with my sw 72ed AzGti, Canon 600D in EQ mode with my asiair pro. 84x120secs, 800iso, 30 flat, bias and dark flats. Stacked in Dss and processed in Photoshop. Settling time after a dither was taking a while to settle between shots, else I would of got more data. Quite happy with this, stars are a little teardroppy, but will try again when I can. Still well happy with the result though.
  24. Fantastic, Is this going to be a YouTube video Chris? I've spent most of the week on NA nebula (6 clear night's out of 7 here, I've definitely used up my years quota) it's in the deepsky images section, wonderful target to get.
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