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  1. Thanks for the heads up I'll give it a watch if able. Generally I'm using DSS and Photoshop but I'm sure Ill be able to get something out of this.
  2. Just received my order of an ASI2600MC after using a Nikon D5300 for the past 9 months since starting my journey into astrophotography. Currently building my dark library with gain 0 & 100 and offset 50 after a bit of reading. I'm wondering if anyone has any general tips on calibration frames and imaging in general with this particular camera? Any input greatly appreciated, thank you.
  3. Moving up in the world with my new ASI2600MC, not a great time of year to get it though I admit with astrodark set to leave in the next week or two. Plenty of time to build the dark and bias library though.
  4. Thank you, aye I was happy to see it pop up. I blame the 183mc for having me pull the trigger on the 2600mc, ordered earlier this evening, hoping to get something out of it before astro dark leaves for the season
  5. Thank you all appreciate it. I think it was more luck than anything having never used a dedicated camera before
  6. Hi All, A friend kindly loaned me his ASI183mc to get a feel for dedicated astro cameras (I usually use a Nikon D5300), so I decided to give it a go this weekend on the Hercules Globular Cluster. Set up was fairly painless I must say, the only issue being focusing as I hadn't roughed it in during day time first, that and I forgot to bring the sensor temp down to 0C as I originally intended. I ended up with an hours worth of 1min exposures, of which 52 were used, before clouds rolled in. William Optics ZS73II + HEQ5Pro Gain 111, Offset 10, Temp 4C 20 x Darks, 100 x
  7. I can't speak for the ASIAIR, but as far as PHD2 goes if a cloud blocks the guide star PHD will throw an error stating the star as lost and it will continue looping while looking for guide stars. The mount wont move erratically, it will continue tracking normally in unguided mode, once PHD2 has found a guide star again the guiding will kick back in.
  8. Congrats, well deserved, some lovely IFNs recently
  9. The Skywatcher Star Adventurer 2i and iOptron Skyguider Pro would be a good place to start, lots of people using them with good success. I myself and a friend of mine have the Star Adventurer and have good experiences. Both are available from First Light Optics and can sometimes be found in the Buy/Sell forum here. Welcome to the hobby!
  10. There is something to be said about those magnesium bodies alright, pity everything is plastic now. Still waiting to get some use out of my Star Adventurer 2i, looking forward to your work
  11. Nice work for such a short exposure time. The D300 is how I got my start, heavy old thing though
  12. A great set of images Richard, tough choices all round. I voted for The Veil, with the Double Cluster a close second. Currently trying to decide on my third entry, M42 and The Heart Nebula being my first and second submissions. Best of luck.
  13. Pretty close to pulling the trigger on the same camera for my own WO ZS73, looking forward to seeing your results.
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