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  1. Cape Cornwall (West Cornwall) 14 images stacked OM1 7-14 pro 2.8 15s foreground was longer exposure and blended in PS
  2. Wheal Owles National trust property in west Cornwall. a shot I didn’t plan. 12 image’s stacked, mine lit with headtorch. OM1 7-14 pro iso 4000 12s (from memory) f2.8
  3. Start Bay Devon (start point on the right) Taken with OM1 and 7-14 pro lens. june 2023. 9 vertical images stacked and stitched in Affinity 2 on iPad. Iso 5000 12s f2.8
  4. Hi, I think you maybe in the Egroup form for Oly aswell. I’m toying with replacing my skywatcher with one on these, mainly for multiple row panorama etc, plus I think it may have more day to day use as well. how are you getting on with it now, have you had any issues - I have the em1 mkiii and OM1 and read about some issues with the OM1. thoughts would be appreciated. simon
  5. 11 images stitched.
  6. 10 images stitched om1 and 7-4mm lens at 7mmm
  7. Hi, if you have the canon app, then I believe that you can use a phone/tablet as a remote. With this you can somehow zoom in on the screen. I dont have canon, but I did give some general tuition to someone who has them and he discovered that yo7 can , and it helped him.
  8. They do last longer, but Tonight (Wednesday) peaks at 60+ an hour. Tomorrow is 10 max . It seems odd, that’s it’s basically a monsoon of then one night but just a drizzle the others
  9. Thanks, atleast Perseids last a bit longer (next August forecast looks amazing) the very short burst /windowfor the germinids this year, is just over an hour on the 14th Dec. Hey ho, I make plans and the weather forecast currently says fat chance of clear night. Got to love this hobby in the uk 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Thanks, I was hoping to use a foreground feature, but can work around the angle of that
  11. If, we have clear skies in the Uk, (asking a lot, but ever hopeful) I’m keen to try and shoot the Germinids next Wednesday. theyl main direction is from 80degree - near enough east. which way should I look to get the best length of them. I tried 180 onto them with the Perseid but not much success - the full moon didn’t help much though ! thanks in advance for your help
  12. Thanks. I did think I was being stupid in interpreting it that way, but as mentioned, Having looked back at my history, I was reading things referring to with filters. The results I was reading was after searching “ Astro mod” but I assumed (wrongly) the article referred to all shots. Im off to bury my head in the sand and feel like a muppet 🤣🤣🤣
  13. Morning I’ve read a few things that make me doubt my own lack of intelligence 🤣 ive got the impression that having some moon actually aids results for nebula. When I tried once before, it was all over exposed. bearing in mind how much the moon does impact on night sky photography, (let alone uk weather) knowing it can be done would be amazing. I’m using m4/3 camera and lenses. No mods and a skywatcher star adventurer. please tell me I’m not being too hopeful! But likewise just say - fat chance 😄😄
  14. Chewie65

    West Cornwall

    Thanks It is indeed the Cape, my wife lived in the terrace at the top of the hill (opposite the golf club) I’m from Penzance originally
  15. Chewie65

    West Cornwall

    I had plans for 2 shots, all stacked and blended, but returned to the mine and saw the Milkyway direct in line with the mine. The headland image is OM1 17mm pro Iso 6000 F1.4 10s 10 sky images the mine is OM1 7-14mm f2.8 iso 4000 14 images stacked plus foreground lit with head torch. This was the first time I’d attempted this level of blending and stacking the mine has a history where 20 miners sadly lost their lives when it was flooded. I felt a title of Stairway to Heaven or Ascension might be fitting
  16. Hi all My first post. I’ve been dabbling with mainly Milkyway images and occasionally bigger deep sky targets using an Olympus OM1 and 300mm plus 1.4 or 2x adapter- so full frame max is 1200mm at f8. I’ve a Star adventure and managed some result’s my problem is locating deeper sky targets and seems best (mist cost effective for my level) way to go is a Red dot, but most have a rifle type fitting. What suggestions do you have for either one item, or finder with adapter. I’m in the uk so not sure how much difference that makes to what can be sourced. (I only live a few miles from FLO and picked some stuff up from the, great team there)
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