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Whale and Hockey Stick (NGC 4631 and NGC 4656) from Kelling


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Finally found the time to spend processing the subs from Friday night session at Kelling heath. The sky was a bit murky, and more than a bit blustery. The guiding was having real issues keeping the MakNewt pointing in the right place, so I am surprised to see the detail that has appeared out of the stacked version.

OTA: Skywatcher 190 MakNewt

Guiding: ED80 + DSI-C + PHD (The SX Lodestar misbehaved for some reason)

Imaging: M25C + MaximDL, 22×600s, IDAS (100 bias, 100 flats)

Stacked: DeepSkyStacker

Post Process: PSCS2 + ImagesPlus

(Click on image for larger version)


And a quick picture of my little part of the Kelling field.... the sky glow in the background is from the shower block on the Kelling Heath Yellow field. The spring event only has astronomers on the red field, so the lights stayed on pretty much everywhere else :icon_rolleyes: The glow from Holt village to the south west also gets worse every year, not helped by the moisture in the air over the weekend.


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Not the best conditions, but still you have a rip snorter of an Image


It would have been good to have seen you at Lucksall, but Kelling was your choice. You would only have had the Saturday to work with, and it was a bit gusty there too.

How did Jon. get on, any Images?


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I posted a comment in the SGL4 aftermath thread about something I learned about star parties... clear skies help, but the friends who are there really make it great! i`m not dissing the guys I met at Kelling, it was good to see some old faces (Wobbly Bob) and some new (RogerB), awesome "american" breakfast with pancakes and bacon and mushrooms.... but somehow it still lacked that certain something that I have always experienced at a star party. It was only after I got back that I realised what that missing thing was, and I did kick myself for several days about that decision. The plan was always to head over to SGL4 on Saturday, but it was just so damn hot in the tent during the day that I couldnt catch up on the lost sleep... I was a complete zombie, and had to head home to get some sleep. The problem was that Saturday night was the best night of the bunch, both at Kelling and at SGL4.... while I was all packed away and asleep at home.... grr!!!

Jon had a few hours on M81/M82, and despite some flex issues which we discovered the cause of in the morning (dont ask!), the stacked version looks pretty good. Some trailing is visible on the full sized version I had a quick crack at, but on the 800 pixel version, its looks good. He certainly nailed all the issues he was having, only let down by a couple of loose bolts... he wont let that happen again, I can assure you! (I wont post the version I did of Jons data unless Jon says otherwise, it would be rude of me to do so)

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... and I will be down under in November, and taking my super widefield rig with me (M25C + Nikon DSLR lenses + Astrotrac... no, I dont have the astrotrac just yet!)

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great image Steve, despite the wind.

I agree with you re the clear skies, it is the people that make star parties really memorable.

I'll try and get round to posting my m81-82 soon, it's just we have moved house and don't have broadband at the moment :icon_rolleyes:

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Thats one cracking whale and stick :icon_rolleyes: fantastic detail and colour. Has the image been cropped by much as I didn't think the image scale would have been that big in the Mak Newt.



Great pic Steve. Those Kelling skies do look a bit grim.

Kevin, I have a comparison image to post soon showing the difference between GSO8" and mak newt as regards image scale. There's quite a difference, I was surprised. In fact the mak newt gets in almost as close as my C9.25. I have some pics of M106 taken with C9.25 and mak newt for comparison too.

Will post when I get time!


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