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  1. Thanks again I'm glad you all have liked it, for me it's nothing fancy in this was taken not from a dark site but a suburb or Perth, Western Australia with modest gear and not a lot of data. Not fancy to me as compared to what other Oz imagers who have taken similar images, would probably be more appropriate. I sincerely appreciate your feedback.
  2. Thanks Andy need to update my signature captured with RC and QHY8 OSC CCD
  3. Sorry imaging has taken a back seat first time out in nearly 2 months had some issues guiding so this is a cropped version only 1 hrs data
  4. Thanks again to you all I am really overwhelmed by your response's makes it all worth the trials and tribulations we all endue capturing these images to share. Have a drink on me, Cheers
  5. Second process much better well done
  6. Thank you very much I'm glad you all liked it
  7. Never apologise, this is one of the finest galaxies to capture and hardest to process IMO
  8. Thank you all again for the accolades, varying sizes can be viewed at NGC5139 Omega Centauri | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  9. I'd like to say thanks again, I really don't deserve the accolades Mucho gracious
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