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  1. Very nice work this area is full of nebula I did a 30 panel mosaic a couple years back and it was completely full of nebula les
  2. Been playing in Pixinsight and tried out the narrowband script http://upload.pbase.com/t_total123/image/158372337/original Les
  3. Thanks Gina and Steve Les
  4. Thanks Guys for the feedback much appreciated Les
  5. Wow been a while for me. Have to figure out how to process images again. I finally got some time to grab some photons this is M42 with HA RGB 8hrs in HA 20min subs then 30x5 mins in each RGB equipment Tak 106 and Fli 16803 on the paramount MX. Like I said I have to go back over my processing http://www.pbase.com/t_total123/image/158321745 Les
  6. Thanks Olly just looked at the hubble image never noticed this before very clear in there image now you got me thinking Les
  7. Hopefully soon Sara the weather is not good right now hopefully will have a couple good nights soon Les
  8. Managed to grab a few hrs 5 in total with 5min subs in Luminance so far I changed cameras and put the ML8300 on the FSQ106.I like the FOV you can scroll around a spot the other Galaxys in the area http://www.pbase.com/t_total123/image/155379719 Thanks for looking Les
  9. Thanks Guys for the comments much appreiciated Les
  10. Thanks Guys I am pleased how these came out. I have a closer Fov of the Tadpole area I have to finish with the Larger scope combo weather permitting Les
  11. This is a narrowband image with 5hrs in each filter S2 O3 Ha i combined the colors as 50% S2 and 50% HA for red then 15% HA and 85% O3 for green and 100% O3 for blue I used pixinsight for calibration and processing and pixinsights pixelmath to combine the colors I also did a hubble version Les
  12. NGC1499 total of 16hrs using the fli16803 and tak106 5nm Ha 3nm S2 and O3 8hrs Ha with 5hrs S2 and 3hrs O3 Thanks for Looking Les
  13. Thanks Sara Thanks iksose7 Les
  14. This is 9hrs 18x1800secs with some new subs from this year and some from last year in HA 5nm Calibrated and processed in Pixinsight FLIPL16803 Tak 106 Paramount Mx
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