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Polar alignment (pole obscured)

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I have recently moved to NZ from the UK and want to get out stargazing again. I have a slight issue though, due to being on a hill, I cannot see sigma octantis for polar alignment.

I have an EQM-35 Pro mount (synscan), and I also have a QHYCCD polemaster.

Can anyone recommend the best method of accurate alignment in this scenario?

Thanks in advance! 

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You need to be aligning with the NCP near Polaris. But if that's not visible there are software options in Asiair, NINA etc for handling this.

Polemaster needs the NCP visible.


Apologies I read that that as moved to UK!!  I would expect the same options should be available for PA without sight of SCP too.


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Polar alignment accuracy requirement depends on whether or not you want to image.

For visual observing just set your latitude on the mount and point the polar axis south. That will be fine for visual.

If you want to image much greater accuracy is needed, I’ll leave that to others to explain.

Enjoy your NZ skies 😊

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You say you are "stargazing",  then the polar scope should give good enough PA.

If however you are imaging without a guidescope, then very good PA by Drift Alignment is necessary.

If you have guiding, then there are two Polar Alignment options in PHD2, written by an Australian to address the PA problems in the southern hemisphere - PDA and SPA.


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