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  1. Can anyone give me an estimate of how much the above telescope on Celestron tripod with 6 Celestron eyepieces would cost? Thanks
  2. I am struggling. I have been trying for the last 2 hours to find Andromeda and can't. I know my eyesight isn't so good these days so I was using a modified Canon 600d on live view on my Celestron CPC925 with 0.63 focal reducer. The camera fed into APT so that I could get a picture on screen. I set up the scope pointing due south and elevation 76 degrees as measured by a digital inclinometer and then scanned as far as 15 degrees to the east. This was about an hour before Andromeda was due to be due south. I altered the inclination slightly up and down and continued scanning. I could see individual stars and I could focus quite accurately but I could not find Andromeda. The moon was out and was illuminated 70%. Is it unreasonable to expect to see Andromeda under these conditions? I also took a series of photographs which showed individual stars but no galaxy. Andromeda is pretty large. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Jack
  3. Does a reliable card reader exist, I seem to go through them regularly. Is it best to pay £20-£30 or are they all cheap and nasty and should be regarded as disposable?
  4. I am sure you are correct in suggesting "only use the longest exposure", but I am coming at this from an amateur photographers standpoint. If I did that in conventional photography much of the image would be grossly overexposed. Why is astrophotography different? Thanks Jack
  5. I actually thought it was OK. I think it would have been interesting to a wider audience than people who are astronomy enthusiasts. That is quite valuable because it could bring new blood into our hobby. I agree with Gina that it would be helpful if they distinguished between real images and CGI's
  6. Marci, Thanks for your reply. This is exactly what I want to do, i.e. feed the results of plate solving back to the mount. According to the Celestron website an RS232 cable connected from the serial port to the hand controller should do this. Is this what you mean by an EQDir cable? I am using an old PC which has a serial port. Thanks again Jack
  7. I have set up my Celestron CPC 925 to guide using a Zwo ASI120mm camera and PHD2 software. In addition I use the full version of APT to control my Canon 650D. The Zwo is connected to the PC via a USB cable and also to the Aux1 port on the mount. I would like to use plate solving with APT. Do I need another cable from the PC directly to the mount or would it be possible to use the guiding cables? I have not yet tried the guiding system. We have had weeks of clear skies but very little darkness. We now have more darkness but also lots of clouds. Thanks Jack
  8. It even had a label, a grid and amazingly the moon had 4 moons of it's own. Stellarium is wonderful
  9. I have bought a few things from FLO recently. I have nothing but praise for their speed of response and their after sales service. Their patience is endless.
  10. I was given tickets for an astrophotography lecture one Christmas. The talk was entirely about cameras, tripods and terrestrial photos. I felt so short changed that I wrote to them later saying I was disappointed not to have seen deep sky pictures. Having seen some of your images I would suggest it is essential that you show deep sky images. That is the area that amateur photographers will know least about and will be most interested in. All the best. Jack
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