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  1. I am considering buying a 600mm Sigma Mirror Lens for use with my Canon 5D Mk1 full frame camera. I also have a CPC 925 Telescope but the focal length is sometimes a bit long for deep sky work. Would the 600mm be suitable or are there better alternatives? Thanks
  2. I have managed to get this software to work with my Nikon D3200, but I cannot get it to work with my Canon 5D Mk1. Can anyone tell me if this is possible or alternatively is there any other software which will work with the 5D Thanks Jack
  3. Powering a DSLR

    I have been using adaptors from Ebay for my Nikon D3200 and Canon 5D Mk1 and they have been performing well. See Ebay item 391962874911. I checked the voltage delivered before I plugged it into the camera and both were OK.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I have tried a 15mm and also the 3mm eyepiece mounted in a barrel like an extension tube on my camera. Even the 15mm results are not very good. I have also removed the -63 reducer. The eyepieces I am using are cheap ones which I bought with the telescope. Could I expect significantly better results with more expensive lenses. I accept the 3mm is too short.
  5. I have been getting acceptable results with my Celestron CPC925 fitted with a Celestron 0.63 focal reducer and a Canon 5D DSLR full frame camera. I tried using a 3mm Plossi eyepiece to get magnified images, but the results are very poor, very soft. What eyepiece focal length and make would you recommend for this combination? Thanks
  6. Canon EOS 5D mK 1

    Artem, Thanks, I have bought the camera and it arrived this morning. It's in excellent condition so I am looking forward to trying it.
  7. Canon EOS 5D mK 1

    Can anyone tell me what this 12.8 megapixel full frame camera is like for astro work? Thanks
  8. Moon Triptych

    3 Shots of the moon taken over the last few weeks. Camera Nikon D3200, stacking in Zerene stacker. Telescope Celestron CPC925 with 0.63 focal reducer.
  9. Moon, 5th Nov.

    I have just got my CPC925 to track the moon. This shot was taken last night with tracking on, using a blue filter, taken at 100 ISO and 1/50th sec. I took 20 shots and tried to stack them in DSS, but my computer went into hibernation before it completed the job. I was stacking TIFF files which were quite large. I tried using a programme that I use for macro photography called Zerene Stacker, and this did the job in a few minutes. The attached shot is therefore the final stacked image. My question is: How does this rate as a moon shot. Please be critical and tell me what areas I need to improve. Thank you
  10. You are correct, I was simply looking for a quick estimate of south to check my mount's alignment. I haven't seen stars for weeks. It has either been raining, heavily overcast or high level haze. The moon at least has sometimes been visible.
  11. Peter, I thought I was, I'm sure they were the same when I set it up, but something changed. OK now, thanks Jack
  12. I would like to use the moon tonight to align my mount to due south. According to Stellarium the moon will be due south of my location at 18.22.08. However on my wife's computer the moon will be due south at 17.54.44. The system times for both copies of Stellarium are within 5 secs of each other. Why should there be this discrepancy? Thanks
  13. Printing off maps from Stellarium

    This could be very useful for me, thank you. I have tried to take a screenshot and save it as a Jpeg. This works, but when I ask Stellarium to reverse the colours it doesn't do it. Any suggestions why? Thanks Jack
  14. I am building an observatory and I am at the stage of test fitting my CPC925 and HD Wedge to my pier which is topped with a car brake disc.. I have a print off which I think is a Celestron product which says that the hinge on the wedge should be pointing to the North. Is this correct? I am trying to understand the whole idea of Polar Alignment. I have attached a very rough sketch which looks at different positions at different latitudes. At the equator no wedge is required, I believe. My sketch shows the various orientations of the wedge at different latitudes and with the hinge pointing to the South. In each case, by setting the wedge to the local latitude the mounting plate then becomes parallel to that at the equator. This seems to me to be logical. If the hinge points North as shown in the 60 degree latitude example the mounting plate is at a totally different angle. Can anyone please explain where I may be going wrong? Thank you Jack