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Hi from the west coast.


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Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself.

I've always loved photography, nature and the night sky.

I moved to the west coast and spent quite a few years building up a cabinet business and didn't get out as much as I should have.

In 2007 when everything crashed I lost all my employees, almost lost the biz but luckily I was debt free so I managed to hang in there.

I got a used Jeep, built a solar powered camper and started camping and imaging the Milkyway with a Minolta 9xi camera.

Moved up to the Sony A7 series and an iOptron tracker and was just blown away by the detail and amount of useful data I could collect.

This excitement led to some research and purchasing an EQ6R Pro mount with an Askar Fro600, FMA 180 guide scope and a ZWO ASI mini guide camera.

I already know I'm way in over my head with this equipment with lots of learning to do and that's why I joined. I really want to learn how to do deep sky imaging.

I'm not the brightest light in the shed.



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3 hours ago, Elp said:

Welcome, that widefield is awesome. Neowise?

Thank you, yes it is, Neowise.   I got really lucky driving away from the coast to a darker site

when I got up to around 3,000 feet in some switchbacks and looking back towards the coast

a heavy fog had rolled in blanketing all the lights. I just pulled over , setup and took some shots.



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