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  1. How far West of London, because I know a few?
  2. VNA

    The Horse Head in HaRGB

    Beautiful capture of the Horse Head--thank you for sharing. Enlarged, it is really impressive with details and colors.
  3. VNA

    Tell us your sky quality

    Rain and more rain and grey skies--no its not England, when it is clear about 8 or 9 months there is still fog to contain and lots of humidity from the Pacific, but there are somme very good evenings. For now we "enjoy" the rain and it will make the garden happy this spring which is around the corner.
  4. Yes of course it was a space ship manned by very intelligent beings because they knew better not to stop here!
  5. VNA

    Resurrect the Space Shuttle ???

    So expensive and so much manpower! 30,000 people for a launch A technicality; feast and certainly impressive.
  6. Yes that is science at work!
  7. VNA

    Your View of the Sky.

    Oh those beautiful trees! Similar situation with very large oak trees and a hill, at least viewing North is open! The oak trees are protected and were there before I was born and will be there when I kick the bucket! Right now looking at a very cloudy sky and that is great! (we need rain)
  8. The scope is out and ready but the sky is not! Hope it will be clearer tomorrow night, before the next period of rain, or at least we hope!!!!
  9. VNA

    Observing Comet 46P

    I tried to find it las night but no luck, will try again tonight. Apparently the 16 of December the comets should pass in front of the Pleiades. The sky is very light polluted where I observe behind Berkeley (CA)
  10. VNA

    It's looking bleak

    We had a few clear days, but it is bleak now with some rain tonight. Was hoping to see the new moon last night, but it was already foggy/cloudy Earlier this week took advantage of one very clear night! We can use the rain and we ned more and not complaining!
  11. VNA

    Is andromeda galaxy really naked eye?

    I must add that we actually can see 3 galaxies with an unaided eye according to professor Carolin Crawford. Unfortunately two of these galaxies can't be seen from England!
  12. VNA

    Hello!. Nice to be here!

    Welcome and indeed a great place to exchange and learn.
  13. VNA

    Is andromeda galaxy really naked eye?

    With a dark sky and good eye sight it is possible to seeAndromeda. Apparentlysome lucky people can see at least one of the satellite of Jupiter! Unfortunately I don't have either, living in the S.F. Bay Area with plenty of light pollution and AMD, although I have no problem using averted vision.. A dark sky is primordial, with a very transparent sky.

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