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  1. VNA


    Welcome, as you already know you will find plenty to learn and explain.
  2. Great picture of your dome with a full moon and snow on the ground? It makes me think of old western movies, pretending it is night but filmed during the day with filters! The shadow of your dome is so well defined.
  3. Hello: If you stop talking about the weather, it may after all go away! ;- ) But then again?
  4. Hello: From a large urban area it will be challenging but not impossible--particularly if you can escape to a dark area away from light pollution. An 8" is a good size to see plenty. Enjoy!
  5. Hello: I was so wrong, the ugly valley fog lifted by noon and the clouds did not materialized nor the rain. So my neighbors had a very nice view for well over an hour with very few fluffy thin clouds. It was not very different from the previous evening, but I could observe both planets in the same field of view of a 16mm. Could see three moons, but not sure if I could at least see Titan?None the less it was special. Now it can rain and a lots of it would be good! ;- )
  6. Hello: You would think here in Northern California it would be clear, NO! it is foggy and rain later on! Fortunately last night it was clear and was impressed at the view with a 5"SCT using a 25mm and could have easily added more magnification and still have both planets in the same field. The gods of the clouds have the upper hand. Oh well!
  7. Hello: On a different forum I saw a beautiful image of the Horse Head using a 5".
  8. Hello, IMO--A dry place with a minimum of extreme tmps, and the primary mirror kept vertical to keep dust from falling on it. Covered as well.
  9. I have had a similar problem, so I searched on the site "Cloudy Nights." was told the "Power Board" is most likely the culprit. I replaced it and everything is back to normal. That board is where you plug in the hand set, power cord and the on and off switch, it is a $20.00 item. It is apparently a relatively common trouble. Good luck.
  10. In middle age for some of us our eye sight change, make sure it is nothing too serious and only routine. But also another insidious change called AMD. So a very easy and free test to make sure you are not suffering from this eye disease. It is called Amsler grid, you can do the test right at your computer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amsler_grid Wish all of you see all the lines in the grid straight. It is a very slow progression but we all can some want prevent ir: Don't smoke, keep your weight down, wear sun glasses, etc. It is also genetic, unfortunately I carry the gene a
  11. Unfortunately almost half of the population in the US think the earth is only 6,000 years old!
  12. That télescope must be polished often, I suspect in order to be used?
  13. That is serious light pollution, Shane's neighbors may be trying to grow their flowers faster? Or possibly plants that one smokes? Legal where I live but no light pollution of that kind! Besides it has to be expensive in electricity!
  14. So tired of the rain and clouds--it will not quit--it should be sunny solid with warm temperatures! I think gills are growing on my sides!
  15. Wouldn't the moon slow down from the friction? After all the ISS has to be propped back up to about 400km high every so often. Although the moon being so much farther, and yet it is getting away from earth at the rate of an inch or two a year if I am not mistaken? Fascinating!
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