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Svbony 70mm Mini Mak

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Finally got to try it out on a clear night, unfortunately the collimation was poor, flaring lines upwards from stars in focus. Sirius in focus had diffraction rings shifted mainly to the upper third and out of focus looked more like the rotor of a Wankel engine than a set of concentric rings. 

Already processed the return with Amazon. 

It was a warehouse deal so maybe that was why rather than just being a change of mind. 

Worked really well on a camera tripod with a fluid head so I'll definitely be looking for something to replace it. One of the other chaps at the local society has a 70mm Celestron which isn't much longer and gave very good views. 


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Great thread guys. After reading this I decided to order one. Should be here midweek. Just need to figure out the set up after I get it. Will try using it for high altitude plane spotting, grab and go astro and use with a DSLR also. Has anyone had any other upgrades to their set up since?

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Svbony makes nice product (I have the SV503 ED 80) but you might want to check the collimation, it might have drifted a bit when it got nicely banged around a few times on mail delivery ...

Here's how I did in the Celestron C70 (and my C90 as well) and it made a big difference in clarity :



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Hi all,

New to the scene and was hoping for some advise, I'm tossing up between the SV41 and the Celesteron C70.

Is one a clear winner over the other? 

Use case is mostly terestrial and something to dip my toes into for astronomical. I'll likely use it at the rifle range for spotting and away bush when I go camping to spot animals and for use at night to look at whatever i can. Due to being out in the elements the sealed and nitrogen purged rating for the SV41 is attractive, seems the C70 isn't sealed/purged? Also being slightly more compact is also a plus.

I already have a good carbon fiber tripod to support it and would love to hear thoughts in pros and cons.


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On 27/01/2023 at 21:39, tico said:


How Much magnificación with the zooms 8-24mm? 

It's good for terrestrial images, planes birdwatch..? 



From what I've read you calculate focal length ÷ lens mm so

780÷8=97.5X & 780÷24=32.5X

Anything over about 15x you'll need a tripod. Typically birders will use binoculars in the 7X to 10X magnification but if you have a tripod and the birds aren't very close to you the 32-97X is more than you need. I'm not sure about planes though, perhaps 30X would be okay, I'd expect anything more and it might get hard to track them?

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