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  1. I guess it makes sense that you might want a heavier duty fitting as mounts increase in size and weight, but it's pretty odd to go the other way. Very confusing.
  2. Thanks John! Very helpful. So the issue is with the CWs rather than the shaft. Whyyyyy then does the EQ6 have smaller diameter holes than for lower rated mounts?! Surely it would make sense even if only for interoperability. Read nothing but good feedback about eh Aeroshell so will definitely give that a go one day when I'm feeling brave. Thanks Alan, yes, have read plenty of posts etc. to that effect. I believe it's OVL in the UK, TS over here in Germany and I believe there's even an Omegon branded version knocking about. As above though, it seems that the issue lies more with the EQ6 inexplicably having smaller bore CWs than the other heavy scopes, rather than the shaft of the Skytee being too big. At the moment, it's not a major issue as the scope going on the left side is only about 5kg fully loaded with accessories so will be fine for now. I guess I either need a counterweight bar with the right size bore and threads or perhaps a thread adaptor to fit an EQ6 shaft which has smaller threads than the Skytee.
  3. Hello all, Having just got my hands on a Skytee 2 (or the TS version at least) I have a couple of questions that have arisen. 1. Mount bag/storage: I can't leave it assembled at all times so will need a bag or case of some kind. What does everyone else use? Geoptik and TS have some padded bags around 35cm square which might work but would probably need additional foam inserts. 2. Counterweights shaft: supposedly the shaft should allow large Skywatcher CWs to be used, however the shaft is about 2-3mm too large to use CWs from my EQ6-R pro. This strikes me as odd, given that the EQ6 is ostensibly the second most heavy duty offering from Skywatcher. I checked the thread size and shaft diameter on the SW shaft and they are both smaller than the thread/shaft diameter on the Skytee. Whate does everyone else do here? 3. The infamous grease: obviously this is a well known issue. The AZ axis is okay but the ALT axis is very stiff - at some point I will strip the mount and apply Aeroshell 33 but for now are there any tips to help de-stiffen the movement?
  4. Hello all, I've recently purchased one of the above adaptors so I can use a Skytee-2 on the tripod from an EQ6-R pro. The small issue I found was that the locator pin cannot be screwed all the way into the adaptor. Normally this is by design - there is a thin nut of the threaded part of the locator pin so you can screw it in until it is aligned correctly, then use the nut to tighten it against the tripod. On the adaptor, there are two issues using this nut - first, the recess is a bit too deep and narrow to get a spanner in to tighten it. Second, the nut overhangs and stops the mount sitting in the recess properly - at least with my skytee. I presumably can't be the first person to encounter this issue so I'm interested to hear what other have done. As it's not load bearing, I've temporarily fixed this by using a couple of cable ties as a narrow washer/spacer so I can tighten the pin to a state where it is both aligned and not loose. That said I'd like a more permanent solution. I'm thinking maybe split rings so there's both give in how much I can turn it and allow alignment, but also a bit of tension so it doesn't rattle around? Maybe several very narrow washers might also work? Any ideas appreciated!
  5. Yeah that is weird. Has it always done this?
  6. The first of two Primaluce saddle, missing from the previous delivery, now attached. It's a very well made piece of kit.
  7. Are you holding the handset upside down? Sorry couldn't resist! More sensibly but still maybe a silly question: have you double checked all timezone/position settings? Failing that perform a factory reset (in the manual somewhere) and try again?
  8. Everyone is sort of right but no one has it exactly. It's a massive insulator, but not from a pylon. When I moved to Berlin there was a computer repair shop that had a few large insulators for sale. My partner and I both really wanted to get one as a room decoration (we're both weird like that) so we saved up the asking price of several hundred euros over many months. We even bought a trolley specifically for that purchase, but when we turned up to the shop he refused to sell us any of them, deciding they were too rare and no longer for sale even though we offered more money. Anyway, years later we got friendly with a salvage yard and two (as above) turned up in there one day. The owner yet again did not want to sell them, but we eventually managed to convince him to part with one based on the fact that we had bought three very large, very old and very expensive neon letters (spelling ICH) from them a few months prior, which came from a once famous hotel in Germany (Heinrich Heine Hotel). I do not know the exact place where the insulator came from, only that it was part of the 110kV side of the substation/switching station in a factory in Berlin, and the salvagers had to get in there and remove them by hand themselves prior to demolishing the building. The date on it is 1980 as far as I can tell, there's also a logo which is a bit unclear, as well as the code VIFS110 1980.
  9. I think it's technically an uncommon variant known as a "Dibnah mask"
  10. Time to swallow my pride and admit that my EQ6-R Pro was a purchase I made several years too early (logistically and physically difficult to use regularly). Instead, I got the TS version of the Skytee-2 and Geoptiks adaptor so I can use the tripod at least. I also ordered 2 Primaluce saddles, only one of which was currently in stock and neither of which were sent with this order for reasons unknown - hopefully arriving soon.
  11. It's all those blood moons you keep hearing about. Turns us astronomers into lunatics!
  12. I have the same, it's ludicrously large! I had to purchase a new mount just to use it! What even *is* that?!
  13. True, broadly speaking better quality EPs will keep you happy longer before you feel a need to upgrade. I have the clicklock on my 80ED focuser tube, it's a great piece of kit. The Baader nosepieces are also way better than undercuts. Good stuff!
  14. That's an impressive set for someone who is new to observing! Congrats! Jealous of the Baader diagonal, I keep thinking of upgrading to one but not sure I can justify it at the moment
  15. I'm wondering if the glass over the back port is optically flat or is a lens? If this would typically have been attached to a camera or sensor it might be that it is a lens bringing the light cone into focus very close to the back of the unit, presumably where the film or sensor would have been. As myself and others have said it may not be possible to achieve focus but you can but try! If you can focus but it's a very short optical path, are a lot of low profile helical focusers that you could potentially use. Either way give it a try and let us know how you get on. Interested to hear if you can make anything of this unusual piece.
  16. I think you might be right - some years back it was reclassified as an asterism perhaps? Not really sure. Still beautiful either way!
  17. Thanks both. 5kg would certainly be a lot more manageable than the 17kg of the EQ6-R pro!
  18. I think a lot of astro gear, in particular the things with glass in them, follow something akin to the law of diminishing returns - or what I like to refer to as the "last 5% rule". Audio equipment also follows this rule. Somewhere in the middle of the quality/cost scale you get a lot of bang for your buck and really see the difference between the low-end and medium to medium-high end, but the differences I think become smaller right at the top five to ten percent. It's not to say that you don't see those differences, in the ultra high end, because you do usually get what you pay for in astro gear - but it is certainly where you'll spend a huge wad of cash chasing what might end up being a pretty marginal increase. It's just then a question of where to draw the line.
  19. I'm really hoping that the Baader you refer to is the 17.5mm Morpheus I maaay have mentioned (multiple times in multiple threads to anyone who will listen) that it is my favourite eyepiece! If so, you will definitely not be disappointed. The views in your 72ED will be be stunning - almost identical to my ZS73 (I think you have also owned one... or two ).
  20. Hello @Stu, reviving an older thread here but any idea what the weight of the mount is without tripod and scopes etc? Also, how do you store it - atop a tripod or do you have a bag/case? For context I am thinking about perhaps purchasing one to cover my shame of buying an eq6-r pro last year which gets little use due to effort, time, weight, and a lack of power in the right places. At least then the tripod will get some use, albeit with an adaptor AFAIK.
  21. I'm certain you got the central star. In fact, I think you also got the other prominent star there as well, to the right and slightly above the central star. I think you'd need to study closely at the eyepiece but it look like it to me. Have added a mirrored and rotated b/w image for comparison.
  22. I would agree with this - first saw Caroline's Rose about a month ago under Bortle 3/2 skies with a 73mm APO (ZS73) and it was really beautiful. Tried again under my Bortle 8/7 skies... pretty unimpressive The extra aperture of the 130 will certainly help though! Fingers crossed.
  23. Couldn't agree more. The cost per use ends up being negligible for something you use every time you observe - weather permitting of course! I also have the BCO at both 10mm and 6mm - absolute bargain EPs. The only thing that can be a bit tough is the eye relief, but that's true of any ortho - regardless they are fantastic EPs for planetary.
  24. One more vote here for the BSTs Stu. I have the 5mm and 3.2mm (although the 3.2mm gets way less use). Primary use case is good quality but lightweight for travel kit and not breaking the bank - they do very well on all three counts. Strongly considering picking up a few more in the range. Aaaalll of that said though..... I will give 100 votes to the Morpheus range, in particular the 17.5mm which is my favourite eyepiece of all time. It is in constant use and I wouldn't observe without it. Bit more on the pricey side but I genuinely cannot see you regretting the purchase, and it seems that they should work very well at all F ratios up to about F4 (according to many SGL experts). Can't remember if I've seen you post in the Morpheus thread but it's worth reading for more details on specific FLs. I also recently purchased the 4.5mm although I have not had much time with it yet. I wanted a high power, good quality EP for my ZS73 when not travelling, for which it works very well. Crystal clear views of Jupiter last week at around 96x.
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