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36 minutes ago, tomato said:

A wonderfully sharp  image, and I love the Hubble palette on this subject.  I must confess if I could produce something this good I don’t think I could wait 12 months to post it. 

Hey Tomato, I have been very guilty over the last couple of years, holding onto data, so hopefully more to come!

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      5hrs+ Integration Redcat 51 ASI1600mm Pro AZ-EQ6 Pro
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      IC1805 in Ha and Sii 3hrs30min in 300sec and 180sec exposures.
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      This is my 1st attempt on this target, It's not going to win any awards i know. 🙂
      Overall i'm happy with the  fact that i captured data and you can tell what the target is, although without doubt there is room for improvement, also my processing skills are somewhat lacking to say the least, 
      this image was taken with 
      Sky-Watcher evostar 80ed (blue tube version)
      EQ6 Pro Mount
      Modified Canon 600d + 12nm HA filter (cheap version) 😀
      All controlled with ASIAir Pro
      24 x 5 minutes exposures ( 36 were taken but 5 not used )
      Darks, flats, bias frames were also used,
      Images were only stacked in DSS then saved as Tiff and transferred to Photoshop were only levels and curves adjusted.
      Any criticism on the image is welcome, and thanks for looking.
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      Baader Red: 20x120" -20C bin 1x1
      Baader Green: 20x120" -20C bin 1x1
      Baader Blue: 20x120" -20C bin 1x1

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