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SGL Imaging Challenge #7

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Aye, and very nice they are too :icon_biggrin: ...  but I think I have found the ideal Gamma Ray filter.....


Might not fit in the filter wheel though, and made from Tungsten Lead alloy will prove tricky to balance.

But a low cost version is probably available at your local co-op, and this one will add the diffraction spikes as well.....

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Challenges are still on track - we're still playing with the format a bit and seeing what works and what doesn't.

There are going to be some shorter term challenges come up amongst other things so we decided not to launch one this month but, rest assured there will be some kicking off in October.

Slightly disconcerting that nobody mentioned it until now - we really hope you guys are enjoying the challenges because they take a fair bit of effort to organise, judge and setup so please let us know what you think and whether you would like to see any changes etc...

Also, please let us know if you have any suggestions for challenges!

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1 hour ago, Grant said:

suggestions for challenges!

Image with a camera lens.

Unguided image.

Best animated GIF of sun or moon

Best animated GIF of something that isn't the sun or moon

Best image taken without a lens or mirror of any kind.

Best image taken with an alt-az mount

Best mosaic

Best image with a bridge or compact camera

Best LRGB image

Best hubble pallete

processing challenge - a set of data is donated, who can get the best results from it

My Astronomical journey -  a set of five images showing how your imaging skills have developed

Constellation in Context - best image of a whole constellation

Superwide - best fisheye or wide angle image

Artistic endeavours - images that fail as astrophotography but succeed as striking images.

Lunar tales - an image that demonstrates some aspect of lunar geology or geography

Mission Apollo - best composite showing all the Apollo landing sites.




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5 hours ago, Craney said:

'fess up  Stub Mandrel, me thinks you have sub-folders on your hard drive with these headings...............

OK there's a few I would have eyes on, most I would like to tackle but some are beyond my pay grade :icon_biggrin:

My main aim is to get some in there which would let real beginners have a chance.

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