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Well, I've made it so far. Arrived in Denver on Tuesday night, then a whistle-stop tour through Nebraska and S. Dakota to visit Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument and Devil's Tower. Now 100 miles from

I will close my eyes for teh duration and share the experience without the expense ;-)

Probably preaching to the converted, but if you haven't already got eclipse glasses, be aware of the counterfeit products apparently flooding the market over there https://www.reuters.com/article

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5 hours ago, Moonshane said:

Good luck you jammy sods. ?

If it is any consolation Shane, the forecast is rather iffy here ?  We've decided to stick with our intended site though and hope for the best... heading  out at 1am ? (things are busy here!)

It will be an experience whatever!!! ☺️



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Helen, etal -

If anyone reading this should find this news-article, or similar version, don't jump out of your shoes:


It's NOT in the pathway. And the wind-direction is not going to have it cork-screw down the pathway of totality. You'll all be just fine. American-news has become notorious for publishing garbage to cause people to flip-out and suffer coronaries! Especially Yahoo and it's myriad minions. All will be well.

Best Wishes -


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Yes, good luck to all those who've made it to the line of totality. I'm sure the excitement is building already.

I'm a bit upset that the weather seems to be confounding my chances of seeing the very shallow partial eclipse at local sunset. :(

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