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I always wondered why the British weather was so bad. Now I know....

clouds = bored astronomers = astronomers buying equipment = clouds (repeat)

If we could all just stop buying stuff then we could actually use some of our new toys ;)

Congrats on the new scope :)

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56 minutes ago, valleyman said:


Just bought a Lunt LS60THa/B1200C 60mm H-alpha Telescope.

No Sun now for a few weeks.


PS My first Solar scope so will be seeking a massive amount of help :hello2:

Great buy Pat, I'm after something like that - eventually!

Right now, it's lovely clear skies - day and night.  Hope you have the same!


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First solar scope? 

Most people dip a toe or two in with a little Lunt 50 or PST! You don't mess about!

You are really really going to enjoy that scope.

Bang goes another BBQ summer.?


PS. It isn't all your fault. My Ha viewing is making the jump from 40mm to 100mm as we speak. But, via a buch of different parts from different sources. I was rather hoping that the cloud gods wouldn't notice.

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they are really good, got the same one (pressure tuned). If not got already suggest get solar finder and dovetail. I use either a zoom EP 8-24 else 12mm (to me 12mm is 'optimum'). Just note they do seem to have 'sweet' spots so expect that if there are flares on both 'sides' of sun, only one may show or partially show, either adjusting the tuner or moving scope will alter amount of detail shown. They are excellent scopes, wont be disappointed :)

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Lovely telescope! Don't be disappointed when your first view of the sun appears to be featureless. That's because it is mostly at the moment. Very little happening. But still a good time to acquaint yourself with the scope, focusing and tuning etc

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