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SOL ha, wl, proms 26-4-17


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seeings terrible today, twice as bad as yesterday, I couldn't focus at all in WL So just pot luck. HA, the first vid of 2651-52 wasn't too bad but the second one I took of 2653 was bad witch shows in the image. hope the JS slings its hook soon.

kit ed80 quark asi120mc for HA, 120mm ,lunt wedge, 1200d for WL.

thanks for looking, clear skys , charl.









WL. this is a replacement, I sorted by hand and staxed 32 frames to get a better result.


and a artistic one to finnish.




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added pic
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thanks Dave, so did I, ive restaxed and sorted my WL as pipp couldnt tell the difference between good and bad with the seeing, mind you I found it hard there wasn't any good just less bad. its cold here too, this cold snap isn't very good for nesting birds. clear skys, charl.

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thanks Dave, today " thurs" the seeing had improved a bit on yesterday, only manage a WL smash and grab, plus thers some activity on the oncoming limb, couldn't see any spots but there was loads of the white snakey stuff. clear skys, charl.

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