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M36, Carbon Star OW Aur & "Holoea"


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A quick RGB set of data from late Nov - taken while waiting for Orion to clear a tree! 

45:40:40 all in 5 min subs, ST2000XM through FLT110 at ~f5.6, all on the Titan. Reduction and processing in PI, with final small tweak in PS.


Couple of interesting objects here aside from the cluster itself (which is 4100ly away itself). OW Aur is the deep red star in the lower left (varying between mag 12.3 and 13.6) - this is another example of a carbon star.


Also visible (just!) is "Holoea" - this is part of a bipolar outflow from a Young Stellar Object, and can just be seen in the image below.



More details from the paper linked up from my page here:


Thanks for looking!

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Trying to remove annoying colour cast...
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11 hours ago, PatrickGilliland said:

I do love a bit of extra detail, will head on over and have a look at the paper too.

As per my Abell 1656, not going to waste time when skies are not to imaging standards.  Does mean I will have to waste it looking for other object of interest to review.


Yep - there's always something extra interesting to be found in the images we take - adds to attraction of the hobby :)

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