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I forgot to share this one last month.  Between travel for business and brutally cold weather closing down my nearby imaging location in the mountains I have not had time to image this year.  This was taken at the beginning of December and contains a very busy wide field splitting the constellations Taurus and Perseus.  The better known DSO's are M45 the Pleiades reflection nebula and NGC 1499 the California emission nebula.  The center of the image contains a dark nebula which I am not familiar with and the rest of the region is quite heavily laden in ISM interstellar medium dust.  This image was taken with my unmodded T3i



Information about this image
camera: unmodded T3i
Exposures: 102 x 100s
Darks: 5 ugh, mishap
Bias:450 frame master
Lens:SMC Pentax M* 50mm F1.7 stopped to F4
SQM: 21.1
Seeing: 3/5

Calibrated and partially processed in Pixinsight and finished off in Photoshop CC 2017.



30825037053_5547465538_b.jpgM45 and California by Wes Schwarz, on Flickr

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