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Trying to improve my Planetary processing skills

stepping beyond

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My skills are lacking and what better way to improve than to process some older archived data from April of this year. This was taken with an 8 in. Newtonian astrograph , lxd55 mount , Spc900/3x and 6 attempts w/ reg6 on auto and 1 attempt going through and picking which frames to stack from my clipboard. Colors are still giving me trouble getting them just right and in the right places.


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On 12/19/2016 at 07:48, stepping beyond said:

I use AS2 to align de-rotate and stack and then run through reg6 but, it wants to do everything all over again. I haven't been able to just do rgb and wavelets without running the gammit, I'll watch some more video's and try and figure it out. Thanks SB

IIRC Registax has a setting for which type of file to look for, Autostakkert will produce a .tif file. Be sure Registax is looking for a tif and not an avi.

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Another vote for A/S2 it is an excellent piece of software. I done think it de-rotates the image though. You can save your images as TIFF or PNG files form A/S2, you can also have a "sharpened" image as well to give an indication of the level of detail possible.

As others have said ensure you are looking for a still image not a video type image when in Reg6. Not only will you be able to do the wavelets function (ii tend to use "linked wavlets" as well), there is an RGB align function as well.

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