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  1. I'm not sure what you are asking. When the conductive fabric touches the spring then then the dome moves a set amount? Does the 555 timer control the amount of travel? Thanks
  2. Took these two within the last week, 27 July 2018 0558 UT for the first image and 29 July 2018 0515 UT for the second.
  3. Yes, that is the package deal I have.
  4. It is a Celestron 200mm f/5 Newtonian. Whoever did the final figuring of the mirror is a true craftsperson for sure!
  5. Another Mars from 18 July 2018, 0802 UT. Both the seeing and transparency were bad. But some details seem to be showing through the dust.
  6. And another one, a little earlier in the evening than the others so a little different view. 15 July 2018 0539 UT.
  7. Should probably call this thread Mars folder, here's my latest image 14 July 2018 0735 UT.
  8. Here's another Mars from 12 July 2018, 0716 UT. This is about the same side of the planet as the earlier image and used very similar capture settings. The processing is a bit different. Does anyone know if the large light area lower right is a dust storm? Thanks!
  9. Maybe the dust storm is winding down? Seeing a bit more surface detail than a week ago. Let's hope so! Edit, north at top. FireCapture v2.4 Settings ------------------------------------ Camera=ZWO ASI224MC Filter=RGB Profile=Mars Filename=Mars_080718_Gain=425_Exposure=1.0ms_055058.avi Date=080718 Start=055058.122 Mid=055158.123 End=055258.124 Start(UT)=055058.122 Mid(UT)=055158.123 End(UT)=055258.124 Duration=120.002s Date_format=ddMMyy Time_format=HHmmss LT=UT Frames captured=22306 File type=AVI Extended AVI mode=true Compressed AVI=false Binning=no ROI=256x324 ROI(Offset)=472x306 FPS (avg.)=185 Shutter=1.000ms Gain=425 Brightness=102 WRed=53 AutoExposure=off HardwareBin=off USBTraffic=100 WBlue=43 HighSpeed=off Gamma=50 SoftwareGain=10 (off) Histogramm(min)=0 Histogramm(max)=141 Histogramm=55% Noise(avg.deviation)=n/a Limit=120 Seconds Sensor temperature=34.4 �C
  10. Here are the capture settings. In addition to the southerly lattitude, many summers have good seeing. Transparency is terrible however so deep space viewing is affected. FireCapture v2.4 Settings ------------------------------------ Camera=ZWO ASI224MC Filter=RGB Profile=JUPITER Diameter=41.68" Magnitude=-2.32 CMI=28.4� CMII=322.1� CMIII=202.5� (during mid of capture) FocalLength=9100mm Resolution=0.14" Filename=JUPITER_280618_Gain=445_Exposure=4.4ms_033129.avi Date=280618 Start=033129.658 Mid=033214.658 End=033259.659 Start(UT)=033129.658 Mid(UT)=033214.658 End(UT)=033259.659 Duration=90.001s Date_format=ddMMyy Time_format=HHmmss LT=UT Frames captured=12278 File type=AVI Extended AVI mode=true Compressed AVI=false Binning=no ROI=368x448 ROI(Offset)=336x280 FPS (avg.)=136 Shutter=4.400ms Gain=445 WRed=53 WBlue=65 Brightness=102 HighSpeed=off HardwareBin=off USBTraffic=100 SoftwareGain=10 (off) AutoExposure=off Gamma=50 Histogramm(min)=0 Histogramm(max)=255 Histogramm=100%
  11. Ah! Color balance, learned something new. Thanks all for your help!
  12. mwayne


    29 June 2018, 1028UT. North on top. Surprised to see any detail showing through the dust storm. And still working on settings for capture, the histogram showed a much higher level for blue than the two other colors. Is this normal for Mars? Thanks.
  13. June 28 2018, 0331UT, Thanks astroman001, I boosted the blue and that helped a bunch. And had to get the debayer settings coordinated between Firecapture and Autostakkert.
  14. Ok, boost the blue, I'll try that. What about boosting the blue in firecapture, would that work? And when I find the right course of action for Jupiter, will that apply to the other planets as well? Thanks again.
  15. Hi all, Took this image 25 June 2018 0245 UT. Seeing was average to poor. I used a UV and IR cut filter and am wondering if that could be responsible for the strange tint in the image. Didn't realize that it was a combination filter. Or is there a step or two needed in processing I need to do differently? Any other suggestions for a ASI224 newbie are appreciated. Thanks!
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