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  1. Here is a thought, sync the dome opening to a weather station and always keep the slot pointed into the wind. At least that way you will know which way the water ingress will be from and maybe make weather sealing easier. Or at least more reliable.
  2. You're welcome, glad to help out. After finishing, you'll be the AVX expert here on SGL and can advise me when I work on mine ; )
  3. There's this on the AVX: https://ca.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/celestronVX/conversations/messages/1621
  4. If you click on the individual pics each one has some text.
  5. Hi Louise, I found this a while back, after the warranty on my AVX expires I'm taking mine apart and using a different kind of grease when putting it back together. https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/10605262@N04/sets/72157646742806679/_QM_ytcheck_IS_1
  6. I did something similar, but not nearly as elegant as mattifor's pier and it's not portable which I didn't need. The lifting mechanism is a trailer tounge jack and pieces of hdpe glued to the moving part as glides. It works great and keeps it's target in the center of for as it is raised or lowered. Sorry didn't mean to hijack the thread.
  7. Congratulations! I would've celebrated with something better than Budwiser, like Belhaven unless you're waiting for photos with your Mak do do that.
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