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  1. I got a new Meade lx85 mount to replace my lxd55 and continue my astrophotography Quest but, frustration , weather and aggrevation has been getting the best of me . Does anyone use this same mount to image with software ?
  2. I've had sorry weather since last fall , a whole lot of rain has put data collection to a minimum. I've taken some data from last years collection and added it to what this disabled astro-photographer had collected this year and so far this is what I've been able to pull together with my Poman Imaging rig. 87 L , 35 rgb guided@-20c from my driveway in a city of 10,000 population still a work in progress.
  3. I use Aip4win to do almost all my processing but , like Dave stated there are multi ways to reduce your star size or remove halos . Astronomy tools is a plug-in for Ps that is dedicated to astrophotography and I highly recommend it for any astro -photographer.
  4. Splendid amount of detail , abundant amount of nebulosity and the colors just "ROCK". Well done , awesome !
  5. I started getting better skies , getting my old mount problems are an ongoing thing that I deal with nightly . I ran tests in the frigid temps. on ngc1977 and IC434 and the Flame to get a handle on it and get my Moonlite mini v2 control setup in SGP. I've been reading the Astronomical handbook on imaging and processing and I think my images are making improvements , 1977 is out of focus on my colored channels due to trying to do it by eye. I didn't get sgp to run a sequence until 3 nights later and now I've got rain. This is the 1st time running on these targets, colors aren't correct but, they're improvement. I would add the # of frames but, they're all different and good enough to get my settings set and they're going to pop when I make a run on them . I'm really excited that I could get this and to have a test like this after being beat to death for months trying to get the PO'MAN rig working like this.
  6. This is the 1st test night for this disabled AA with my new moonlite auto focer mini v2 control ,1st time collecting data on the Horsehead nebula with any camera that I've owned , {30s } 25 frames luminous and 10 red channel combined in AIP4win and PScs2 , astronomy tools . I used an asi 174MM cooled -20c Zwo mini 5 efw , 8 in astrograph , lxd55 mount guided with Orion 50mm mini w/ helical . Captured in Sharpcap live stacking , I'm 0n my way finally got my autofocus set up correctly in Sgp to run a sequence later that week . It's a great feeling when everything is working together.
  7. Alan , I've done it everyway I can think of . I've been running sequences for over a year and frustration came when I added the efw 5 mini and now I've got a moonlite focuser and mini v2 for my astrograph and frustration again. I'm a disabled amateur astro-photographer learning as I go from you more experienced imagers. Yes , I'm setting auto center up when I set it up during the daytime on this target but, not on m31 or 42 due to their size. I've had to auto focus in SGP then disconnect and close , open Sharpcap and run live stacking ,I'm still testing untl I get SGP working then I can run several nights of data. Here's one from the 27th only Lum it was freezing outside , all my rgb was out of focus and now we've got a dangerous temp drop at night for a couple more nights. It also won't allow me to not have the environmental device , it uses it during a sequence. I see it running in my focuser control module.
  8. I've clicked both several times several nights and still getting no sequence to run , I can run a in Sharpcap free version . I sure would love to be back inside , it's freezing out at night.
  9. I've been having trouble getting a sequence to run after the auto-centering completes , I manually close the window click run sequence and get a pop up "auto centering isn't on for this target yes to continue. I've clicked no and open control panel and check to see if it's set , I go back and click run and not only do I get the same pop up but, now I get my environmental device isn't set up for this target . I look back in control panel and it's set , can you help me ? I've hit the wall. Ronnie
  10. I got it before Thanksgiving and I use it with Sgp , I watched videos on youtube and now I'm reaching out after 8 frigid nights of failing to run a sequence using SGP. Can someone post there settings that they use , I'd like to compare them to mine to see if that's my issue . Help ?
  11. M31 testing to find the happy settings for when the heat and humidity leaves taken 4 nights after Florence saturated the Carolinas with water. taken in not ideal conditions but, I was having withdrawals. I needed to test out different settings to see which would give me the better data , UG or HDR and guess which one out? Stars are a lot better since I got my autoguiding going , now to get rid of the boil and clouds.
  12. I haven't had a Summer worth a hoot heat and humidity storms and Florence. I did get some testing done on the 19th to get a handle on using my Asi 174MM cooled with the efw hooked up . I see a polar cap in Mars and some detail in the disc and Cassini division in the rings of Saturn . I say that last nights adventure was a job was well done.
  13. This is what I'm talking about found the key to AS 3.1 to bring out the polar caps. I oversaturated to bring out the polar caps , yes North and South caps. It's not pretty but, it's a test in the muggy buggy southern heat and humidity.
  14. Thank you for saying that , I shot it with a used spc900nc a couple years ago at opposition and another OSC Levenhuk but, this cmos is pretty awesome ! I know what you mean about waiting for it to clear trees . I live in a" TREE " city with old oak hardwoods everywhere , with limited FOV . I image what's in my FOV holes , learning how to get it done as I get more imaging time . I wish you luck on your planetary adventure.
  15. Florence came and went and didn't take the humidity or heat away with her but, I wanted to see how to approach this planet since I missed opposition in July. It's not pretty and I could use some of those pointers fellas , I've got another week before the humidity drops off and it'll be time to go collecting data . I've not shot Mars with this ASI174MM cooled and definitely not using a efw. LRGB 2000 each channel. A lil' oversaturated to bring out both polar caps.
  16. Thank you for the lift up yall , I try really hard with my old 3 rd hand equipment except for the imaging train. It didn't cost much and gives me joy almost everytime I can get out . This is the dream coming true ! A ride with a lot of Bumps and potholes.
  17. This is my rendition on m81, m82 and m57 , I hadn't shot on these before and I had my share of problems with equipment not connecting . I've got more to do but, this is my feeble processing attempt. They're a work in progress .
  18. I use an 8 in astrograph/Newtonian f3.9 @800fl and the onion ring could very well be from the wavelets in registax . I'm wondering if I just use AIP4win wavelets if that would give me the same result with the raw frames. It does take away from the image and I've been trying to get rid of it, I did raise the gain while testing to find the sweet spot . It's all in trial and error , finding the sweet spot is proving to be a chore in this heat . I'll run it again and see if it persists , Thank you for the advice on the ringing . I wonder if the de-noise /de-ringing tool Zakalwe would take that away in reg6?
  19. I've had a boiling Summer and imaging wasn't worth it , if we get a cold front I'll be out there. I happened to get a night where between dipping in the pool and running some planetary was made achievable without sweating to death. Jupiter 10,330 frame avi using 10,000 on the 1st image 7-15-18 and 75% of 10,330 on the 2nd with the GRS and the 3rd was the 1st taken with 80% of 10,330 7-15-18 and the 3rd was 7-14-18 and more data to process , yall . As2 and registax 6 wavelets was used to achieve these. I couldn't get the efw to work in Sharpcap 3 that night do to user error. I wasn't going to post but, it's the only night I've gathered any data this Summer and Jupiter is out of my FOV till Winter. Hopefully , I can try my hand at lrgb next time on this target.
  20. I missed it back then but, I'm glad you captured this event for us all to see.
  21. Reggie , Eyepiece projection with quality results . I've tried ep projection but, I failed miserably, good job on the images.
  22. A lil' bit of time spent and splendid results on such a small target loving the- detail Peter .
  23. MarsG76 , My big downfall is getting used to newer processing software to get the colors right and formulating a workflow that'll work with images taken with the camera slightly off each night that I took the data . I've got my camera and focuser marked but, looking through the data you can tell it's been rotated slightly to the left.
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