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Walking on the Moon

Sol 2-11-16 10.50


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well according to SOHO there a AR near the middle, but i looked at high mag with the big frac and could see no sign of it so im calling it a blank one, at least in whitelight it is, shot from earth, the seeing is quite good here today.

kit- ed80, 1.5x barlow , lunt solar wedge, 1200d in mono and 1:1 crop mode. iso 100, 67 frames staxed with regi and shot in jpeg.

thanks for looking,  clear skys ,  charl.


SOL 2-11-16 10.50 mono.png


SOL 2-11-16 10.50 col.png

coloured invert.

SOL 2-11-16 10.50inv.png


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Well imaged and processed Charl, just got mine all setup again after my travels and waiting for the Sun to come out from behind the trees.

A few nice filaments and a couple of small proms which I shall try to capture before it disappears behind the chimney pots.


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thanks Dave,  hope you got some nice shots mate, its been clear here allday, bet you as soon as it gets dark clouds will come from all directions, it did lastnight, it was nice and clear untill the Orion neb got above the horizon, still got a few shots most of the cloud staxed out.  clear skys,   charl.

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