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AuroraWatch UK Red alert (Tuesday 25th October 18:00)


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Copy of the BAA announcement below.  Hope I'm not doing copyright naughties by reproducing here.  Sadly clouded out here at present, so have booted it to my sister in law in the Cairngorms to see if they can see anything!


BAA electronic bulletin
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Aurora Alert

A coronal hole has started to impact earth from 09:30UT 25th October 2016.

The field is unstable both positive and negative however the wind speed has increased to over 750kps. That gives a very strong possibility of auroras tonight (25th October 2016) and for next 3 or 4 days.

It could be visible as far south as southern England

I have thick cloud cover so no conformation.

Any reports please to - sandra-b@hotmail.co.uk<mailto:sandra-b@hotmail.co.uk>

Cheers & clear skies

Sandra Brantingham

Aurora and NLC director
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Yes, very annoying especially as two red alerts came through last night only to be still cloudy...  Actually it seemed have to been clearing a bit by 2am but with great wafts of cloud still I figured there would be way too much reflected LP from Oxford to see anything anyway.   Tonight (and for the next couple of nights) is supposed to be clear at least up until midnight so I'll be heading out and if forecast this is supposed to last 3 or 4 days well, you never know.

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