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  1. I've not posted anything on here for a looong time now but I had a crack at capturing todays event during a gap in the clouds. I've not had a lit of time to play with this but its a near 100% crop taken with a Fuji Xt3 and xc 70-230 lens hand held http://mercury by James W, on Flickr
  2. I’ve not had as much chance for Astro time as I’d like recently but managed to grab a few minutes earlier to take this. Taken with a Canon EOS 80D as stills, converted to avi and stacked in Autostakkert, wavelets in registax and lightly finished in lightroom.
  3. I’ll probably get just as flamed for this as well but I do wonder whether the diffence in image quality could be down to collimation. In my (admittedly limited) experience I’ve found there is one hell of a difference between a scope thats been collimated pretty well and one that’s spot on PS I have a c8 but that in no way influences my opinion, honest guv PPS I have to say I do quite fancy an edge
  4. Reading your original post the idea was for semi permanent which is the same criteria I was aiming for. In the end I plumped for a seriously heavy weight but free standing pier that could be moved from place to place yet was more stable than the standard HEQ5 mount and also (by virtue of its weight) less nickable enabling me to leave it set up in the garden between sessions https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/299777-pier-project-completed/
  5. yet again it clashes with my little boys birthday so that writes it off for me. I’d love to attend and if there is ever an SGL*** at a more pertinent time for me I’ll do my damnest to be there but as it stands, yet again, I’ll just have to enjoy reading the reports and looking at the photo threads (and I have to admit I do very much enjoy it so thanks to the contributors ). Here’s looking in hope ?
  6. Ditto. Not working for me either
  7. I was given a celestron travelscope 70 as a present from my wife a few years ago and in fact it’s what got me back in to astronomy after a considerable break. As you’ve mentioned the supplied tripod is pretty diabolical but the scope itself isn’t at all bad for the money. Obviously the eyepieces ideally need upgrading but it’s given me reasonable views of Jupiter as well as having a nice wide field of view. I have since acquired several other scopes that I now tend to use for visual observation in preference to the little celestron but I have recently started using it with a monochrome asi120m
  8. I’m intrigued to hear about people having issues with the asi 120 camera running via USB 3.0. I had a bit of a hiccup earlier in that my new laptop with USB 3 ports wouldn’t communicate with an asi 120mm but it was easily resolved by downloading the latest drivers from zwo and disabling the power saving setting for the usb in the computer settings (this was using a 3m extension plus the supplied 2m camera usb lead so 5m in total)
  9. Due to a lack of Astro time at home recently I decided to load my solar gear in to the car before work in the hopes of grabbing a few frames in my lunch hour. I was fortunate that for once the weather decided to play nicely so I got my wish although I did have a minor hiccup in that my new laptop wouldn’t communicate with the asi120mm. This was easily resolved and I managed to capture these images which are a mosaic of 2 (if you can call that a mosaic) one is a simple monochrome and the other has been tweaked in gimp as an attempt at false colour. Thanks for looking. James
  10. Thanks chaps. I’ve just had a bit of a play on gimp and brightened it up a little
  11. This is my first attempt at lunar imaging. It was taken a few weeks ago but I’ve only just got around to processing it due to work/small children issues This image is a mosaic, albeit only of two images, taken using a combination of an asi120mm and celestron 70mm travel scope (high end kit I know ) on an HEQ5 pro mount. Processed using Autostakkert followed by wavelets in registax and then combined with Microsoft ICE. Obviously there is a great deal of room for improvement but all thing considered I’m fairly happy with it Thanks for looking. James
  12. This is my solution. It’s an 85ah leisure battery with a crude but effective dual cigar socket and 3pin 12v outlet combined with a 400w 240v inverter and 4 usb charge points. The inverter cost in the region of £35 and is obviously dependent on your requirements and the 12v outlet was made using spares I had lying around so effectively free. The battery was (if I remember correctly) about £60 plus vat leaving you a reasonable amount of your budget to spare
  13. Try the heavens above website http://www.heavens-above.com/PassSummary.aspx?satid=42932&lat=52.9569&lng=-1.2415&loc=Notts&alt=66&tz=GMT
  14. Wahhey.. I managed to finish my little temp pier tonight before my incarceration at the hand of the NHS starts I've had a trial set up in the garden and from this it seems ok (maybe a little tall but if this is a hindrance it's easily rectifiable). Obviously the proof of the pudding will be in the eating but I'm hopeful this will make a real difference to my observing and fledgling ap aspirations
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