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Zarkov Cloud Gun


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I was interested in the above mentioned item advertised in the Accessories section at FLO (Link Here)

I wondered if anyone has any experience or use of this product.  Firstly does the ice from the cloud drop in a similar fashion as hailstones or as one great slab? I suspect a slab might be a bit hazardous and care should have to be taken to make sure the area is clear.

Secondly if one uses a goto telescope and needs to do a 3 star alignment would the gun need to be pointed at three different areas of the clouds to make said alignment? If that was the case there might need to be several lookouts a few miles apart to ensure the three ice blocks do not hit members of the public.  Perhaps we should give out hard hats to everyone and ask the police to organise a 30 mile exclusion zone.

I might just contact FLO and see if they have some answers.

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7 hours ago, oobydooby said:

and needs to do a 3 star alignment would the gun need to be pointed at three different areas of the clouds to make said alignment?

"star", not stars in the plural ?, so I presume that one area of cleared sky will be sufficient. If you want three different ones you may have to pay extra ?? and use 3x 2AA as well.



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2 hours ago, ngwillym said:

I was hoping they can do a streamlined model that I could piggy-back mount on my scope

I regret to have to say that I think you may not have quite understood the great leap forward that this technology represents. One mounts ones scope upon it !


Oh PS :

12 hours ago, chiltonstar said:

better solution to the permacloud problem would be an extended pier for the scope?

Planning permission required ? Perhaps better would be a drone with a good WiFi ? (a proper drone, not one of those little things that they are talking about in the LoungeLounge.)

Might have to design a stealth model to avoid complaints from ATC.


I have been calculating, it has a window of about 1hr, so that will give plenty of time to do 3 allignments on 1 star.



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I have just had a thought.

I wonder if it was possible to design a connector so that it could be place at the eyepiece end of a telescope so that the power could be increased to cover the observers entire hemisphere, thus clearing the sky for everyone.  One on the opposite side of the globe would result in completely clear skies for everyone.  Solar astronomer would have perfect views of Sol, which would stop their continuous wingeing (you know what solar astronomers are like!), and night time observers would not have to wait up all night in the hope of getting five minutes of clear sky once in a blue moon.

Perhaps FLO might look into this idea, and I would only expect 5 million pounds and 50 pence Sterling for the exclusive rights to the patents.  The 10 pence would be for the telephone call I would have to make to the patents office.

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2 hours ago, SilverAstro said:

It is like most technology, it requires faith to work, hmmmm a bit like astronomy in the UK, that requires a bit of it as well I find, , ,  shame FLO dont sell bottles of faith , , ,

Don't get them started - they'll probably be on the shelf next to the snake oil

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11 hours ago, Alien 13 said:

My cloud gun was modified to use a quantum singularity as the power source but if I use it not only the clouds disappear but but the whole atmosphere and the planet.


I'm not sure I believe you!  Have you tested it or is it a proven fact? Which planet was it tested on?

Better not let that nasty Mr Freeze who featured in that documentary a few years ago called Batman or something like that hear about this gun, he might steal the ISS and turn it on Earth and freeze all the clouds to turn it into an iceball.  Hey! That's not a bad idea...it might stop this global warming they keep telling us about.

Perhaps FLO and that nice Mr Zarkov might consider working on that. My initial offer of £5,000,000.50p might be a tad conservative.

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I've been using the Zarkov Cloud Gun at my backyard observatory for some time now. The only problem is that because clouds are prohibited by law in Chile I haven't really had the chance to use it for its intended purpose. In the meantime however I've been able to etch images of Elvis on the Moon's surface - quite cool really!


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