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  1. Angels, dancing on (heads of) pins ? and this this business of the classification of Pluto (is it or is it not) was an exersize in agrandisment on the part of an ego & publicity,,, in my humble opinion,,,, and demeans the dedication of ClydeT and his limited (state of the art?) equipment. so there !
  2. Eclipse fever?

    Fear not, we still love you,,,
  3. The link I posted went to the end of @JeremyS's topic sorry ! can I correct it I wonder ,,, https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/298330-observing-the-eclipse-from-the-uk/ ah, that's better ! Yes, I had been paying it no heed, till Jeremy posted, mind-u the wx doesnt look good
  4. Oh yes there is, just ! https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/298330-observing-the-eclipse-from-the-uk
  5. Is this the Milky Way?

    Here you go : Mac and Windows 64bit 2.9.5 Partha's Place https://www.partha.com/ Scroll right down to Downloads at the bottom.
  6. Is this the Milky Way?

    Dont know, dont have Photoshop but it is well regarded by significant players here. Which website is a complicated one ! Depending on the fidelity you want and to some extent the OS. you are using. To practice on (because some peeps find it a steep learning curve, but hey it's free and in the spirit) and if you are nervous then get it from the home site https://www.gimp.org/ BUT that will be the 2.8.x current version which only does 8bit colour. There is (has been for too long) a dev, version 2.9.x in the pipeline which does 16 & 32 bit colour and the dev teams periodically put out latest builds on various sites. It is a while since I found my 32bitWindows version site so I'll have to excavate my archives if you need that. Easier to find if you have 64bit Windows(/PC) or a Mac or Linux - Dark refraction is one, http://nightly.darkrefraction.com/gimp/ * the name of the other escapes me for the mo. * edit oh dear, I am out of date, the 2.9 versions are no longer there this is a poor show, I am shamed after all this hard work to show off GIMP ! tsk tsk
  7. Yer, tell me about it ! when I did 'him' it looked like this : with div and curl and things and I pretended I was understanding ( well it was easy to pretend cos the size of antennas was easy to work out with waves) but later it became and I havnt a clue ! It seems that Maxwell did discuss the nabla, I wish he had taught my lecturers ! And that was before Plank and Schrodinger got at it
  8. Is this the Milky Way?

    Yes I think so Interesting pictures thanks for showing. I've taken a liberty (-in GIMP freeware) with your middle pic to darken the light pollution and stretched it a bit also, to see what we could pull out of the milky way. In my second I have animated it with a clip from Stellarium to illustrate Cygnus, The Great Rift (of the milky way), and you can clearly see the isolated cloud of the milky way above the rift ( I have not got the alignment quite right artistically yet ! but good enough for a quicky illustration perhaps ?? )
  9. Oooof ! "inertial Fermi normal frame" - inertial frames are one thing but I think I'll crawl back inside my pentangle for that one !!
  10. I have spoken with the judge and he says that is a perfectly acceptable excuse reason Yes it did go very quiet, wondered where everyone had got to, then I cottoned-on and checked outside, very murky, could only just make out the 4 ends of Cygnus The you are folks , I told you so, so much better . Very succinct, brill in fact, very interesting. May have to come back later on a few things. Thank you.
  11. yes, awww I was getting ready (half way through) to post about real and virtual images and 1/f1+1/f2 and all sorts of stuff, , , then you went and spoiled all the fun by figuring it out
  12. Nothing is simple in a gedanken, look where Einstein's mind game got us, there are always assumptions. The two particles will be moving if there is something else besides eg. Dark Energy, exclude that then you exclude our present understanding , , then extend two particles to a galaxy of particles. dont forget all pervasive gravity and the Higgs field. Ah! Here is Andrew he is much better at this sort of thing than I am
  13. Are they gravitationally bound and if not do you admit of Dark Energy ?
  14. 4a) electrons are fermions, quite different to photons, and it's a conspiracy, they tried to keep that secret by letting go of my ISP at a crucial moment in time
  15. would you adam&eve it ,right in the middle ,, my internet electrons stage a revolt : Yes sort of, it depends upon who defines tiny and large, you or the photon ? I blame Einstein !!