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  1. Ohhh thanks that makes me feel soooo old - his getting interested in the 80s 90s ! ( I had to switch off - - these verbose 'tube things pretending to be film producers do nothing for me, give me a well prepared document or web page and I'll give it house room ) I was talking 50s ! eeek ! (I was young and so were the dinosaurs in the wild !)
  2. Which "he" are we talking about now ? It is difficult to keep track of these spider topics without sufficient back refs! but leave god out of it for heavens sake else we are in deep dodoo I was recently taken to task (very elswhere on the forum) over the mitochondrial Out of Africa theory and that I should read Dawkins' latest, well I have read some of some of Dawkins books. never got to the end of any , it is like the Higgs boson = walking through massive treacle, bogged down in endless selfjustifying cross refs likewise Hawking, should have stuck to science and collaboration with Penrose (who writes eminently readable stuff) and left this god stuff to Dawkins
  3. Oooops missed the essential bit about Wevills, which was a fav. joke of Captain Aubrey, soory to confuse !
  4. Only to set the infernal machine in motion (else wot the lead screw is for !) Watch out for periodic error (send to ways&means dept.) and then to hold the cup(s) of coffee whilst sitting back beyond the isolating pit ( a bit like astro mounts ! Phew! back on forum message )
  5. I was thinking Patrrick O'Brian, recently immortalized in a film "Master & Commander"etc. which, as usual, was a poor mish-mash of the printed words ( I have them all, sadly no more will come )
  6. Think lathe, with very fine lead screw and cross slide + a very stable top slide, a tool profile to give desired diffraction order angle (blaze) and think that not all gratings have to be created transmission - - then die of fright !
  7. Oh very much so ! Yep, ran into the same problem myself when I thort I wanted to make a ruling engine to make my own diffraction grating (well it was a long time ago and they were orrendosly expensive, even the replica ones, fortunately PattenHawksley came to the rescue with a gift it was all a long long time ago when emergent companies were sympathetic to interested amateurs ! ) Hehee, Touché, but mine is the lesser of two wevils ? !
  8. Yet ! But Ligo et al are working on it and I think someone somewhere proposed that the the gravity waves from the BigBang should be observable, not sure how that would work out though, cos it should have got here in the beginning, or will we have to wait another 13.8billion years ?
  9. Only if she is Smart, and can help me unnestan what these geezers is onabout How does that work then, cos if I remember right K usually presents as valency 1 whereas O manifests 2 Oh sorry, I may have missed something
  10. I was worried that someone would say something to that effect ! Cos I'd already asked myself if it could be infinite even when it was a tiny tiny thing less than the Planck thingie, perhaps even down as small as a singularity (yes I know that is just a maths/equation fudge and may not be truly small) Maybe the problem is with the word & concept "big". Ie. we shouldnt think of the universe being 'infinitely big' just infinite with no qualification ? Or perhaps "mathematically infinite" ! My head hertz.
  11. and that is a bit of a misnomer because amongst the popular populace it is difficult to find anyone with whom it (science) is popular ! One dictionary definition : " liked, enjoyed, or supported by many people "
  12. I think, but may be wrong ! all the standards used to be kept by the French standards people (in Paris perhaps ?) their equivalent of our NPL But now they are not reference standards, except for the Kg. All the others are now defined by atomic type thingies, frequency, oscillations, shell gap, only the Kg lump has a 'pick it up in your hands' type standard anymore. And they are busy trying to count atoms sufficiently so as to do away with that lump as well, by invoking Avagadro etc. So that funny number for the speed of light arose from trying to match it with the then existing stick that the French had at the time. What I was suggesting was that the stick should have been assumed to be wrong by a tiny little bit and it would have been a good opportunity to round it up to 300,000,000m/s by introducing a "leap mm" or fraction thereof you see ? Think of leap seconds and the swap from Julian to Gregorian etc.
  13. and ever so very tiny, (Tony) like a very very tiny Planck thing (/Baldrick), so how come it is now (perhaps) infinitely big, maybe the period of exponential inflation never ended ?
  14. The topic = " The Speed of Light, is it a relative thing? " ( ignoring for now, the allusion to Albert's General and Special thingies) 299 792 458 m/s would - to me, an experimental physicist (amongst other things) in a previous life, suggest that "we" collectively have got the value of a m a tad wrong ? or maybe the value of a second is wrong ? either way I would suggest that 300,000,000 NewM/s would make more sense ? I think redefining the m would cause less havoc to space-time (and the standard model(s) )than re-defining the second ? perhaps ?? > debate
  15. how far

    Interesting question and thanks everyone for all the interesting replies In the the olden days of filmSLR I have often photographed @John's standard calibration distance as well Ok, back to topic : I think I read that some Gamma-Ray Bursts can reach mag9 and they can be a really long way away oh better still, a quick google before posting = mag5.8, no binocular needed, to see 1/2way across the universe !! at 7.5 billion light-years https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GRB_080319B and https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/swift/bursts/brightest_grb.html