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  1. Aurora - Svarlbad Norway

    Svarlbard clouded out but bigger tonight and down into Porjus, Sweden http://uk.jokkmokk.jp/photo/nr4/latest.jpg
  2. Aurora - Svarlbad Norway

    Isnt it just ! Nice to watch with the wind howling outside and rain lashing down
  3. Aurora - Svarlbad Norway

    More lovelies !
  4. Aurora - Svarlbad Norway

    I was not expecting that !
  5. No! Not a problem ! Please dont do sorry ! fascinating, great post, image & investigation; I dont know if I should press the 'thanks' or the 'like' buttons there are many other possibilities yet and great to see you have got good engagement .
  6. DSOs I can image with just a DSLR

    It all depends ! what you want a DSO to be ! Beehive cluster M44 I am also just starting out with a 60D, and 135mm heritage! lens (after more than 1/2century of visual !) I have not yet used my monster Evo tripod , , just an elcheapo photo tripod for convenience of quick setup to concentrate on operating the camera - and have not had any problem steering it, with a gentle left hand, whilst operating the live view magnify to get focus on a bright star with the righthand. I dont say this to be more clever than thou, it just makes me wonder what tripod and what condx you are working, perhaps more info of gear and a pic would help ? I especially did not go for M42, lots of clever photographers do and thus I would be disappointed with my humble efforts ! likewise M45, good/bright to get a feel for where things are and how to point, I dont have the luxury of starting wide and going in, so high ISO, quick (a few seconds) exp, to see a pic of where I am am and cast about till you get it, ie. move suitably in a rectangular search !! but once on target (and the beehive is in a challenging empty area but once found is unmistakable) my cheap tripod is good to keep me there. odd. so I am not sure what is going wrong with your setup For the images of the target once found, use the timer, set it at 10sec delay (2sec is almost but not quite good enough for my ham-fist) if you are pressing the big button (!) on the camera, I have not yet made up a cable release. sandbags and tension braces for stability are often suggested for tripods, but I dont think we are yet at that stage ? edit : Oh sorry, getting carried away with business at hand ! , I forgot my manners - welcome aboard edit2 : M42 is not very large (is this the main problem? ) for a 200mm lens look for star fields and or asterisms to practice your art until the BIG dso ONE comes round, (M31 Andromeda)
  7. Aurora - Svarlbad Norway

    Nice sky for a while, but now, from the east, 'something wicked this way comes'
  8. Aurora - Svarlbad Norway

    Not as extensive as last night but still nice from time to time http://kho.unis.no/kho_sony.htm
  9. "Possible Photometric Signatures of Moderately Advanced Civilizations: The Clarke Exobelt" Nice find, thank you. But it is doomed to failure, because no "moderately advanced" society would allow its near-space to become a cluttered hazardous junk yard - - would they ?
  10. Who wants a new Holiday Home? Anyone?

    Ohhhhhh the temptation ! What's it like there in the winter and %clear nights, some googling needed, (dont no one buy it while I am googling, promise )
  11. Words Words Words

    and Coma Berenices, Hair of Queen Berenices usually attributed to a latin origin, but refers to the hair of a queen of one of the Ptolemaic (Helenistic/Greek) dynastic rulers of Egypt, Cleopatra being the last of that clan after a few Romans got in on the game. addendum : Oh, haha, it may be that Ptolemy ( there were many of that name) - Claudius, the polymath, astronomer, (and author of the geocentric epicycles planetary monster theory) classified that asterism as the hairy tuft on the tail of Leo the lion ! Not until a bit later did 'Her Hair' become a constellation, perhaps due to the efforts of Tycho Brahe in his 1602 catalogue.
  12. Words Words Words

    Nice find, much chuckling Sadly the Wattled Crane is no longer in that genus
  13. Parker Solar Probe

    No, I'm too young to die
  14. The end of LP filters?

    An interesting thought, are there many low pressure sodiums still about ? Down here the only ones I have noticed are the high pressure sodiums which do not have the singular (almost) lines. But I could be wrong, I dont get out&about as much ! but the low pressure is very old tech now ?