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  1. Whats going on here....

    You have some interesting data lurking down in there, deffo quite a bit of nebulosity in fact ! here is a go in GIMP v2.9.5, the stars are quite heavily white crushed in this quicky attempt to see how much nebulosity could be pulled out of the dark Quite interesting round Merope especially, the non-flat field masks(/gives false impression of) anything much in the central area though. :-
  2. In this context what you say is true ! But in another context ( Drake and SETI et.al.) there was a naive assumption that "we" all knew it and thus "we" would all be listening on this frequency for "others" to be calling us (or for ET to be calling home on it ! **) ie a lot of intelligent non-stochastic traffic. Ha! 21cm is weak but is incredibly more noisy than other parts the spectrum. They, more intelligent than us? would chose more efficient means to communicate. ?? Unless they were dangling bait, luckily they have failed so far , , , , until they find one of Sagan's missives ** a bit like in the olden days when all who were anybody were "calling CQ gud,bud" on 28MHz before moving to perceived better pastures like 2m and other places to escape quarantine zones like designated CB bands
  3. Hi Kez, Lets not get into the size of black holes yet, it is not necessary to your hypothesis ! Any object, regardless of its size, density and/or mass cannot be stationary relative to the sun. They will orbit each other* round a (common) barycenter. Leaving aside the no small matter of how you define your reference point for all other objects to be measured as being stationary from. [*except in the special case of when they start out at infinite separation from each other with no impulse (aka deltaV) at either, in this case they will, in due course, collide ] Kepler, Newton and latterly Minkowski and Einstein had a lot to say about this ! Introduce a third body, such as your Earth, and all hell breaks with the Maths.
  4. Observatory anyone?

    I know the child that would love that but boohoo, out of stock It has given g'dad an idea though
  5. Not quite a Howie Glatter

    looking good Which laser diode did you use ? I dont want to go playing with a wrong one off ebay !
  6. Did I see a supernova?

    Nice find Sherlock I see a time of approx 19:23 for an observer in Norwich, so it is quite sensitive to his lattitude in Norfolk, and for good measure this is its ground track : Chris had some problems with hackers a while back so maybe linking outside of the home page has been disabled.
  7. Did I see a supernova?

    try this one (keeping fingers and everything crossed ! ) http://www.heavens-above.com/flaredetails.aspx?fid=1&lat=52.6309&lng=1.2974&loc=Norwich&alt=16&tz=GMT edit nope that doesnt work either ! Looks like HeavensAbove does not like copied&pasted URLs
  8. is it my browser that dont like png or did your pics go awol ?
  9. A bit more info for curiosity http://pages.jh.edu/jhumag/0400web/02.html and http://www.sciencephoto.com/media/150151/view
  10. I do like the subtle, understated touch of the Danger sign. Or was someone avin a'larf ?
  11. Thank you, so kind of you Eeeek ! Dangerous stuff, but a good peacemaker, two Asian countries have not gone to war after completing their experiments. Thinks : wasnt the top of the Chernobyl reactor built something like that !! I think it is time, without further hesitation, deviation etc. we got back to topic
  12. No not come across that, more googling required ! Found my forgotten unfortunate man, Louis Slotin, have amended previous post. Screwdriver indeed ! one would laugh except it didnt end well
  13. Oh ! and upon googling that which was a distant (age related!) memory, about the dragon words by Oppenheimer et al I see there is lots of recent "The Bomb" TV and other stuff about it. I was referring to the original tweaking games they played and one very nasty accident where the pack of cards fell over and (insert forgotten name*, I'll have to do a memory back-up google ) bravely stuck his arm out from behind the shield to nudge the bits apart to prevent it all getting very much worse, sadly he died from the dose not long after EDIT * (isnt google a wonderful aide memoir) found him :) Louis Slotin "Pajarito accident" "When the screwdriver accidentally slipped, the [Beryllium] cups closed completely around the plutonium, sending the assembly supercritical. Slotin quickly disassembled the device"
  14. Ho! that requires a whole other thread ! It has a lot more to do with how many neutrons can be released upon 'destabilisation' and how best they can be used. There was only one 'first' atomic test(s), (unless you include those over Japan ) which was a focused charge implosion of a sub-critical lump of plutonium which then when compressed became dense enough to become critical very quickly. ( Ive left out some small tricky details ) The shotgun cartridge you are thinking of relates to the Uranium weapons where ( in the early ones) two sub-critical bits are shot one at (or into) the other becoming a super critical lump. (Hiroshima) this requires much less effort than the Plutonium type (Nagasaki and the first test at Almagordo) If you dont put the two bits together very very quickly they just bounce and sit side-by-side fizzling a bit and melting and making a bit of a mess on your table-top. (Twisting (or tweaking) the tail of the dragon)
  15. And that is why I wrote " electron fuzzyness (aka atomic orbitals )" instead of just "electron fuzzyness", in the hope that those interested would have a hook upon which to google