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  1. Oooops, I think 1400 is a bit ambitious ! I think I need a faster computer
  2. I have been experimenting with 2sec exposures, Canon 60D + vintage 135mm lens, on a fixed tripod. Originally to track down some faint asteroids but I got sidetracked into imaging my first galaxies, not intentional ! Nothing pretty here but quite interesting. A stack of 100 when vigorously stretched has revealed the Leo triplet (just!) way down in the noise with stars down to mag12 (13 with good luck and imagination !) Why am I finding this interesting? well if there was to be a supernova in a galaxy of similar surface magnitude I stand a chance of capturing one, since SNs outshine (usu
  3. According to CdC there is a mag12.42 foreground star at that location, UCAC4-729-048667 and in the image it is of similar magnitude to the nearby (just to the left of M 108) UCAC4-729-048661 also 12.42 in CdC. Looking at google images of M 108 it does not appear that prominent. So it did look like an 'interesting' candidate ! (of course it was cloudy here, but thanks for the heads-up anyway ) Here is a little animated gif I just made to show that it does appear to be the foreground star ??
  4. I think because that is when the Virgo and Coma clusters come into convenient view ?
  5. Oh yes, M44 good thinking ! with little M 67 not far away and close to Alpha Cancer. A bit off topic : first I will be going for asteroid (51) Nemausa, mag11-ish (between Regulus Alpha, and 31 Leo ) a second time to confirm from a week or so back. And I have just noticed (45) Eugenia near Denebola Beta Leo. So I'll try for that as well at a similar mag.
  6. I was wondering the same thing for tonight. but those Messier are going to be a bit small with a 200mm lens though?? Assuming a DSLR.
  7. DSS is not handling my Win7 display setting. For DSS to display correctly I need to select "Smaller" (in Control Panel) , if I use "Medium" (preferred for my eyes in other applications, bit of a hassle to have to reset and reboot everytime to run DSS ! ) then the histogram plot overlaps and obscures some of the slider ranges, and (not so important) the Reset button. There is space to move the histo plot to the right (into empty space) but I cannot see how to do that ?
  8. This is the best only good reason I've found so far to join titter/book, I think we should all go spreading this 'true' news
  9. Au contrair ! I like it, glad you posted. It is all about finding out and learning, what's the phrase something like "It's the journey that counts not the destination " ? I like it when I am trying things out and find something I was not expecting, like when I was trying out my dslr with 135mm lens on Regulus and practicing stacking,, when I discovered I had imaged asteroid 51 Nemausa close by I love serendipity !
  10. I think it might suffer some serious diffraction effects. I know 'frac owners are often jealous of the pretty stars that newt owners get, but that is taking things a bit far d'u'think ?
  11. Yes, I meant doubly interesting, obsy and planty Or even threeways interesting - as a foldback cover ? Food (pardon the pun) for thought !
  12. Interesting, thanks, I missed this first time. You could re-post in the Chilli topic as well !
  13. Yes me too ! Looks very interesting but it is a heck of a page ( I cant fit most of it on my monitor ), my head hurts !! Anyone found a summary of, abstract of, or principles of what is going on !
  14. You were on the right track, the online manual for the firmware -one before my firmware says, Setup>Hand control > 5 options for brightness and beep volume, mine only has 4 options - no beep vol. The online manual for firmware +two above mine has only 4 options - no beep and no ref. to a long beep at 2nd star. No manual yet found for my firmware but reasonable to assume it was removed, so that's ok then, I will puzzle no more! Thanks for focusing my brain cell.
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