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  1. Our history tells / says it all .. actions speak louder than words .. unfortunately.
  2. A good rant You have such high trust in the human race being all sensible and such like Barkis
  3. We have no real idea what it was the OP was seeing (for sure man made though), but just thought it best to mention ... LED lit drones/multi-rotors/rc-planes are flown at night more often than you think. And more often than not to deliberatly excite the "less well informed" shall we say. "Tip of the ice berg" as it were
  4. Thing is, how many inter-galactic stars are being sold as intra-galactic stars (or visa-versa) ?
  5. Nooo no-ones questioning the feelings and the wanting to give something important to a loved one, the thoughts are certainly there for sure, which means everything really ! It's just the money takers that are the problem.
  6. I don't see any of this so called star naming being anything but a scam the so called certificates mean nothing at the end of the day. Profiteers taking advantage - again I know their are those around who don't want anyone speaking up about this on going practice, but it's time someone said something to highlight it for it really is.
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