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  1. I expect you'll get a definitive answer shortly but in the meantime I think you will find that the eyepieces generally have threads to take the filters rather than the adaptors.
  2. oobydooby

    Vixen LVW 22mm

    Is this still available?
  3. oobydooby

    Which is the closest planet to Earth?

    The question should be which planets orbit of the sun is closest to that of Earth's orbit of the sun.
  4. oobydooby

    Micro-guttering for observatory roof?

    You might consider polytunnel guttering. B&Q and garden centres, or even Two Wests and Elliot may have something suitable.
  5. oobydooby

    The Dark side of the Moon

    I was going to say that but you beat me to it. Now I can't think of anything to say so I will remain in the dark.
  6. oobydooby

    Holy Glowing Tripod Feet Batman!

    Not sure if the paint would deteriorate the cable but I used glow in the dark tape which I would round the cable every three inches or so. It looks a bit like a long snake in the grass glowing away nicely! I suggest you paint all your eyepieces with the remaining paint, preferably inside and out then if you drop any in the dark you will easily locate them. I would also suggest you ignore any silly replies especially those from me!
  7. oobydooby


    I agree, the moon is a very good place to start (Observing of course, !)
  8. oobydooby


    And I thought this topic was going to be about people who spend a lot of cash on expensive gear and an even more lot of time waiting for skies to clear to use it, then deciding it's too cold and not bothering to get it out.
  9. oobydooby

    Bought the wrong item?

    Just bear in mind the warning as displayed at FLO Note this power supply is designed for use in dry well ventilated areas. If you're using it at night outside I think you might need a damp proof box well ventilated and with possibly a cooling fan to prevent overheating as you don't want it to burn out while imaging or guiding etc. I used a metal flight case and drilled a hole in the side and attached a computer cooling fan. That seemed to work for a nights powering my alt az/eq 5 mount.
  10. Try Telescop Express or this Tavsco, or is it just the strap you need? I have some somewhere you can have if I can find them. Darn, landlady tells me I disposed of them when I redecorated my room two month ago.
  11. oobydooby

    Small solace.

    Doh ! When I saw the heading for this "Small Solace" I thought it was a newly discovered feature on the sun.
  12. the greatest contribution is yet to come. I humbly suggest those who grab the interest of the future generations as the future generations will make important advances yet to be made.
  13. oobydooby

    200p/EQ-5 Battering Ram

    Only if you put them on upside down!
  14. oobydooby

    Turning Luddite??

    I tend to agree, at my age I cannot spend too much time learning as my sight is faiing. Goto is easiest for me. If I were a little younger I would go for star hopping and I might even turn Left at Orion for a change. (See my signature)

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