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  1. oobydooby

    PayPal and Facebook ?

    Also you may have to beware of higher import taxes from USA due to the higher levies by The US government. (sorry, I don't mean to make this political, just a warning. A recent purchase from a friend resulted in import charges which were more than the cost of the item plus a charge from the GPO for handling fees. Worked out almost twice as expensive than if she had travelled to the nearest retailer some 60 miles away and brought it from there at the full price)
  2. oobydooby


    Hi there. Have no fear - you need to purchase some gear costing at least £800 to attract the clouds. In the meantime have fun and welcome.
  3. oobydooby

    More Moon nonsense

    Get quite a few moons if you're following a coachload of football fans.
  4. oobydooby

    More Moon nonsense

    Hmmm..... Must have been a very bright flower moon. Either that or space has turned white????
  5. oobydooby

    A night of mixed emotions

    You lucky devil. Cloudy here and missed both the planets and the aurora that were easily visible from here, according to some.
  6. oobydooby

    looking for price advice

    I would say as cheap a possible... I'm looking for one! Unfortunately money is way too tight.
  7. oobydooby

    NASA Hubble video

    Apparently they use a one metre rule as it is a bit longer than a yard one.
  8. oobydooby


    Yes, I know what you mean. I bet when I reach 5000 the forum computer thingy won't even know who I am.
  9. I paid for this two weeks ago and am still awaiting delivery. Rather disappointed with delay and lack of communication. May ask for return of money soon.
  10. oobydooby

    COMPLETED - Free Bahtinov Masks (+ postage)

    If you have any left to fit my Canon camera I would appreciate one. Thanks
  11. pm sent and another one coming soon
  12. oobydooby

    Another suspicious eBay sale

    I reported it 2 days ago, either someone beat me to it or e bay worked really fast on this scammer.
  13. oobydooby

    Date format with decimal?

    Personally I can't see the point!
  14. Look like a cheap bit of plastic to me.
  15. I have 1 35mm Lunt and find it excellent for visual, but lacks in the imaging aspect as focus is achieved by turning the eyepiece holder which turns the camera in the process. In fact if I had realised how badly the design was I would not have got the 35mm in the first instance. I would have waited until I could have afforded a 50mm.

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