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  1. First I hope you get the damage repaired, up and running soon without too much financial or physical problems. Second and more important... How did the shots come out?
  2. Not seen it yet but will keep a lookout. My guess is they were trying to find an object below the horizon, assuming the were not in a spaceship, in which case maybe they were hoping to sneak a view of a crew member in the lower decks?
  3. My star is 82EGSWJR9-39979280 which I think is probably it's magnitude but I do have the co-ordinates..... 13h 15m 6.7s right ascention, +6deg 6Min 41.2 sec Declination. If anyone can find it please send it to me I will happily pay any excess postage on receipt.
  4. bolts to secure accessory tray on Sky-Watcher AZ3 Alt-Az mount I am looking for the bolts that secure the tray to the tripod, seems I might need to get a new tripod if these are not available. Thanks for any help or offers. Tony
  5. Yes I would like to be added to the growing list of zoomers please.
  6. As I understand the rules state you you must give a price to avoid making it a bidding war. My AZ-EQ 5 sold for an asking price of £500 and I would expect an asking price of this and tripod as under-priced, as the total cost new would be around £900, and could ask around £650-£700, this would not include any extras, such as the Polemaster. Hope you understand, I hope you don't think I'm being rude but them's the rules. (I cannot find any reference to this rule but it has popped up several time when people have not added a price, so I am assuming I am correct that this rule do
  7. Did Spreadercraig take it? if not I would like to take it. Thanks
  8. I blame the Russians, they started it by sending up a dog! (PS. that's a joke not a political statement) Happy new year all.
  9. https://www.dhinds.co.uk/products/baader-2-four-in-one-m68-zeiss-2-7-a-p-m60-vixen-m56-synta-adaptor SHould work now without the ) on the end.
  10. PM sent, at least I hope so, with thanks.
  11. If I have got it right pm.d regarding celestron ultima
  12. I have replied with an apology to the seller and I believe he is happy to deal with me. I admit I have acted hastily and wrongly in the past few days for reason I don't wish to discuss and apologise to you all for stirring up a hornets nest. oobydooby
  13. I think I owe you an apology and hope you don't think of this as an excuse, but all I can assume what happened. Last Thursday I returned from hospital following a triple heart bypass and spent Friday completely out of things on medication. On Saturday morning I saw the advert and immediately fired off a pm asking if the eyepiece was still available. On Monday I told my partner that I had been waiting a week for a reply and had sent off a message of complaint , she said I've only been home e few days and the only time I had my computer on I had fallen asleep, and she had turned it o
  14. I hope I am not stepping on toes here and there may be a reason, but a few days ago I responded to an advert if an item was still available. I have since heard nothing and cannot be bothere if the seller will not respond. Either he/she wants to sell or does not.. either way a reply would have been courteous.
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