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  1. Long ago in a galaxy far away I had a Star Adventurer which I had accidentally damaged, losing breaking the USB connection, but it still worked. When I tried it earlier this year it would not work so I decided to get a new one, as my age and health does not allow me to use more than a few pounds of weight. (I cannot drive and have to rely on others to take me wherever I go) A few days ago my parcel arrived from a company called First Light Optics, and I noticed it had a warning on the box "May contain clouds". I did not order, nor did I want clouds, and wonder if I should return them, and will I have to pay the return postage. More to the point, how do I get the Star Adventurer out of the box without releasing the clouds, and if they do manage to escape how will I get them back in the box?
  2. Thanks to Davey-T who sent a few screws, one fitted perfectly and with a small spring added the etalon is secure and works as new. Thanks also for all who made suggestions, I would never had any ideas without you all. Tony
  3. Davey-T I have pm'd you. I assure you t_d_b_b (What a great name, by the way) I did swear, several times!!
  4. The saga continues. After an inordinate length of time and complaining to the seller I had mail from Amazon stating my delivery would be a week later than expected, followed by another stating my money would be refunded. The next day I was informed my money had indeed been refunded. The next day an e-mail from Amazon told me the the screws would be arriving that day. They did not arrive. In the meantime I ordered them again and was given an estimated arrival date, and an e-mail arrived from the seller via e-mail that the delivery would be delayed for about a month. I shall now look at the link given by gorann and see if I can gain a little sanity.
  5. Of course it's FLO's fault they should now price themselves out of the market so we can't afford to get any more upgrades so the weather will finally stabilise.
  6. No it doesn't.... There's not a cloud in the sky today! Well I'll be! Look at that rain! Thank goodness it's too warm for sno... Crikey! It's suddenly started to snow!
  7. I sent a complaint to the e-bay seller today and the total, both postage and cost of item has been refunded. If the screws are delivered I will keep them for a week or so and if I don't get a message detailing how they intend collecting them, at their expense, I shall be inclined to assume they will not want the added cost of sending them back and will keep them. In the meantime I have re-ordered via Amazon the screws at a much better price and with free postage.
  8. Still waiting for the screw, if it fails to arrive tomorrow I will be demanding my money back. Ten quid for next day delivery that takes three days is not on!
  9. What is the point of having an etalon that is adjustable then?
  10. Slight disagreement here. When I first bought the telescope I found that to observe the proms I needed a greater tilt than when viewing the details on the inner face of Sol, so I think I still need a screw. No sniggering at the back please!
  11. Hi all as suggested I have ordered 5 m2 10mm screws which cost less the £2 and as I was desperate as I am doing outreach next week I paid for next day postage. About 12 quid in total. Hopefully this will be the right size and I can get set for a few days of sunshine even at the lowest solar cycle for a long time. I will let you know how it works out. Thanks again. Tony
  12. Thanks for all replies @PeterDrew and all - have contacted Lunt and they should know the required dimensions that I need but I see no point in keep on asking if the are not replying. The screw and spring are the matching pair as you asked. I do have a spring that comes from a small pen which fits so the screw is all I need. I have some small computer screws which fit and are the same size except for the thread. If I could get a small die cutting set I could either cut the hole or the thread of the screw, but as it's so small I cannot find any of that size. Thanks for the offer of repairing the unit, I assume you mean the whole telescope? To all I have added close ups as suggested but cannot disable flash so shadow is a bit of a problem. I should have quoted millimeters.
  13. Hi all, hope this is in the correct topics. I have a Lunt 35mm solar 'scope and one of two screws and the spring holding the etalon have been lost. I have contacted Lunt in America who asked for photos of the missing items which I sent over two weeks ago but all I get in return are ads for their products. The screw is very fine (see images) and no-one seems to have any suggestions. I am desperate to find a solution as the telescope is totally unusable. Suggestions or advice would be most appreciated.
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