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  1. Heads up "Sky at Night Special" Tonight

    I have thought for several years about such an astronomical event would work for the three wise men, who by my reckoning were very stupid wise men. They came from the Orient (East) so they followed a 'star' shining in the East, which could mean any astronomical event. If said 'star' was shining in the east then it follows that the wise men would travel towards it in an easterly direction. The 'star' would rise until midnight whereupon the wise men would be travelling in a southerly direction, assuming that they are still following the star. As morning approached they would be following the 'star' towards the west until it set or was lost to the daylight. Are you still following my reasoning? The wise men would therefore have travelled in a semi circle and ended up very nearly where they started. which would continue until they gave up or committed Hari Kiri. The other choice would to have been starting to follow the 'star' East, remember the carol "The First Noel" states it was shining in the East, that makes the star an evening star, so if the kings started east and decided to continue east, and assuming the travelled east day and night they would eventually come to the stable from the west. So we should rename the carol "we three kings from Occident are" surely. I rest my case.
  2. Registar and Astroart

    Excuse my ignorance do you mean Registax?
  3. If you're reluctant to buy a barlow as it is possible it may not work on your set-up, you might want to try Astroboot as they sell used or even new ones at very reduced prices, but be aware that there will be a £4 postage. failing that I have several, one of which you may have for the cost of postage and a £ or two for the thing. Sorry that this is not in the buy or sell section, Admin, but it was a reply to a specific question and a suggestion.
  4. To be honest I think they must be BARKing mad!
  5. Used Equipment Prices and Sluggish Used Sales

    PM sent to wookie1965, at least I think I sent it correctly.
  6. Great Astronomy YT channel.

    Brilliant, thanks
  7. International Santa Sleigh (ISS)

    Also useful is checking the Iridium Flares, that's even more exciting for the kids to see him whizzing along at quite a pace.
  8. Vantablack - The darkest material in the world

    I read the article which says the artist Anish Kapoor, has bought the sole right to use it in art, which is not the same as "as paint" which was quoted by Stub Mandrel in the post earlier. This suggests to me that for scientific and other uses not related to art this paint can still be used, otherwise it would mean that satellites and military weapons could not use it. So a light absorbing blanket at the bottom of your garden is still a possibilty.
  9. Vantablack - The darkest material in the world

    A Vantablack screen at the bottom of the garden. Hey Presto! No more intrusive security light pollution. Problem solved!
  10. Moonshane's astroboot

  11. Sedna, And The Size Of The Solar System

    And that's just an indication of our Solar System! Really puts Humanity in context to the universe.
  12. Excellent, a great improvement.
  13. 2001:ASpace Odyssey

    Get it right! It's Oumuamuamuamuauauaua! Mind you it's a fascinating object. I saw a graphic and a couple of movies depicting it's approach to - and path near the solar system. Sadly forgot to bookmark the page.
  14. What's your Darke Number?

    Your Darke Equation is missing one very important element, that being the estimated number of nights with excellent seeing but which are too darn cold to go outside for the duration required for observing.