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  1. Another suspicious eBay sale

    I reported it 2 days ago, either someone beat me to it or e bay worked really fast on this scammer.
  2. Date format with decimal?

    Personally I can't see the point!
  3. Look like a cheap bit of plastic to me.
  4. I have 1 35mm Lunt and find it excellent for visual, but lacks in the imaging aspect as focus is achieved by turning the eyepiece holder which turns the camera in the process. In fact if I had realised how badly the design was I would not have got the 35mm in the first instance. I would have waited until I could have afforded a 50mm.
  5. Wow!

    Look again folks. That picture proves that the earth is flat!
  6. Hi from Dundee, Scotland

    Hi and welcome Ronan from a fellow Dundonian. You may notice that I am Web Manager of the Dundee Astronomical Society, so please have a look on the website. You may find some astro events you might be interested in during the summer.
  7. I envisaged a system where the less abled could suggest or ask for the telescope to be slewed at any time towards objects of their choice and that to be done remotely. Now it seems the intention is to direct the scope to an object for a half hour then the operator to slew to another object for another half hour, then maybe a third or even back to the first object. In that case there would be no use for a remote controlled set-up. I that case they are looking at a two or three image slideshow which can be obtained by using stock images from NASA. All they seem to want is a simple sideshow, what a waste of time, and an insult to those unfortunate souls they are pretending to want to help. They have been offered via some-one on this forum a free 150mm telescope but have not even bothered with a response with thanks so at this point I will not bother making the effort. They can sort it out without any more input from me. Thank you all for replying and to the gentleman who offered the telescope. I am sorry that your time and mine has been wasted. Again thanks all.
  8. Basic help for a new boy.

    Although the astronomy club may be 15 miles away one or more of their members might live fairly close to you. I would suggest contacting them to see if there is anyone who could help, you might find them a very accommodating bunch.
  9. Hi Our local university in collaboration with the Observatory (Mills Observatory, Dundee) are considering setting up a remote telescope for wheelchair bound and less abled folks to observe the sky using a remote telescope connected to a largish TV screen, but costs are extremely limited. They are looking for a not too expensive telescope and mount set-up that can be carried out onto a balcony and will not have any cables trailing along the ground creating a problem for other people using normal telescopes on the balcony. Access to the first floor balcony and the second floor dome are by stairs and building a ramp or lift is totally impossible. My immediate thought for a solution was one of the Sky Max wifi mount and telescope combination which is not too expensive. One question arising is the distance from the wifi control unit - probably a computer or tablet - to the mount which is something in the region of 30 to 40 metres or more. Is it possible to run cables from the ground floor to the first floor within the building to carry the signal to a relay of some kind or would the signal to and from the ground floor to the balcony be sufficient as it is? I hope I have made this easy to understand and wonder if anyone has a suggestion on how such a set-up could be achieved. Many thanks for listening. Tony
  10. If you click mouse on the window it will be solid, if clicked outide the widow it will turn opaque. Seemples!
  11. Equipment reviews

    Reviews are an unnecessary item on any web page in my opinion. If I write to a company from whom I have placed an order it will be only to complain, so assuming the item arrived as it should and works as it should then the company must surely assume that all is well with the sale. Most people have a pop up stopper to prevent unwanted pop ups from interrupting their browsing but most sellers and bank sites circumvent this by producing a pop up at first going to the site. For example saying "Would you like to add your opinion of our site" or "Please leave a comment before leaving" . No! The only comment I have ever left is "Stop the pop-ups!" I never see my comment when I return to the website to read them, so my guess is bad comments are edited out.
  12. HEQ5 not slewing

    It might be that the gears are slipping and might need tightening up and some recommended grease added to the cogs to avoid slippage or backlash. Just a thought.
  13. COMPLETED - Vixen 30mm NPL

    Just about to send PM sorry for delay.
  14. Was observing Orion through my new telescope and not too familiar with its' orientation, not only did I turn Right I also went upside down. I was Really lost for sure!
  15. I got a small white LED torch from B&Q cost about £3 in English money then found a small bag of quality street left over from Christmas and saved the 2 red cellophane wrappings from whatever variety had red wrappings and enjoyed getting fat on them at the same time. I folded one square in two to fit between the plastic lens and the bulbs (There were 3 in a bunch) it was just a little too bright so added a single layer of a second cellophane square and found this to be just right for use at the telescope. Total cost £3 for the torch, the quality street were a gift at Christmas and two AA batteries. Last night all the astro society members wanted to know where I got such an excellent torch.