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  1. oobydooby

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    I intended doing a write up but David has done one so much better than I could, so I will just add a few things. David and Martyn's photo tips were excellent and with a few examples of images they had taken they left me to experiment and I snapped away happily for an hour or so with long and short exposures with varying ISO settings. I was very happy with some images (it's amazing how good they look on a 2.5" monitor.) I had varying success with focusing but thought I had done well. Sadly when I got home and transferred them to the desktop I couls see focus was atroshus attroshius atroscious very bad. I understand I need a decent wide angle EF-S lens for the best results so will be getting one when my meagre funds stretch to it. Another valuable lesson was not to bring lots of food, especially frozen fruits and berries which tend to defrost and spread red stains all over the tent. (really sorry about that David.) Edna and Hannah (Her grand daughter) went to Tescos when I got home - and Saw something I might like (a self inflating blow up doll sorry BED and that was another item which David recommended as he had found one cheap at Tescos. Guess what David I now have a self inflating blow up bed ready for next years star camp. Anyhow folks here's two of my attempts of imaging the milky way, straight from the camera, no processing and badly focused. At least I'm happy with it. Thanks Martyn, David and everyone for the encouragement and for the invite to see the most glorious night sky I have ever seen. What a beautiful view of the Milky Way. Will I be going again..... You better believe it!
  2. oobydooby

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    Windy..you haven't seen anything yet. Just wait 'till I get there!
  3. oobydooby

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    If it comes to a choice between whiskey and telescope, I'll go with the whiskey telescope. On second thoughts maybe both!
  4. oobydooby

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    I got a spanking brand new tent after the disaster at Abernethy in anticipation of a few more booze ups star parties. Got told last week forget the tent you're sharing! Good! With luck it'll be up before I get there.
  5. oobydooby

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    Oi!!! Less of the old, sir! I'm only 72! Looking forward the the show, just bringing a small 66mm refractor and DSLR on skywatcher star adventurer > Hoping to get some images for the annual Dundee Astro calendar, it's been a bad year so far for images from members. I would like to bring a 4.5" refractor and an Alt-Az/EQ5 head and tripod with it's batteries but not sure my lift would be able to take them (they are ready to go if there is room by the way ) Thanks for the lift by the way (I assume you are reading this) it is most appreciated.
  6. oobydooby

    Iridium Flashes no more....

    Near the end of November and into December on any evening at outreach events I would check for iridium flares and if there were any expected I would tell the children that Santa in his sleigh was checking them to see they were behaving so he would know whether they deserved Christmas presents or not. Imagine the excitement at the sight of a flash zooming across the sky. The kids loved it and the parents were quite surprised too.
  7. oobydooby

    Backfocus Help Needed

    Crikey! Need strong spectacles to read that lot!
  8. oobydooby

    Which AZ Goto 'Scope?

    That would be ideal for visual, though not so good for photography. Nice and portable and generally good for solar system and deep sky observing.
  9. oobydooby

    PayPal and Facebook ?

    Also you may have to beware of higher import taxes from USA due to the higher levies by The US government. (sorry, I don't mean to make this political, just a warning. A recent purchase from a friend resulted in import charges which were more than the cost of the item plus a charge from the GPO for handling fees. Worked out almost twice as expensive than if she had travelled to the nearest retailer some 60 miles away and brought it from there at the full price)
  10. oobydooby


    Hi there. Have no fear - you need to purchase some gear costing at least £800 to attract the clouds. In the meantime have fun and welcome.
  11. oobydooby

    More Moon nonsense

    Get quite a few moons if you're following a coachload of football fans.
  12. oobydooby

    More Moon nonsense

    Hmmm..... Must have been a very bright flower moon. Either that or space has turned white????
  13. oobydooby

    A night of mixed emotions

    You lucky devil. Cloudy here and missed both the planets and the aurora that were easily visible from here, according to some.
  14. oobydooby

    looking for price advice

    I would say as cheap a possible... I'm looking for one! Unfortunately money is way too tight.
  15. oobydooby

    NASA Hubble video

    Apparently they use a one metre rule as it is a bit longer than a yard one.

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