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  1. Yes I would like to be added to the growing list of zoomers please.
  2. As I understand the rules state you you must give a price to avoid making it a bidding war. My AZ-EQ 5 sold for an asking price of £500 and I would expect an asking price of this and tripod as under-priced, as the total cost new would be around £900, and could ask around £650-£700, this would not include any extras, such as the Polemaster. Hope you understand, I hope you don't think I'm being rude but them's the rules. (I cannot find any reference to this rule but it has popped up several time when people have not added a price, so I am assuming I am correct that this rule does exist somewhere)
  3. Did Spreadercraig take it? if not I would like to take it. Thanks
  4. I blame the Russians, they started it by sending up a dog! (PS. that's a joke not a political statement) Happy new year all.
  5. https://www.dhinds.co.uk/products/baader-2-four-in-one-m68-zeiss-2-7-a-p-m60-vixen-m56-synta-adaptor SHould work now without the ) on the end.
  6. PM sent, at least I hope so, with thanks.
  7. If I have got it right pm.d regarding celestron ultima
  8. I have replied with an apology to the seller and I believe he is happy to deal with me. I admit I have acted hastily and wrongly in the past few days for reason I don't wish to discuss and apologise to you all for stirring up a hornets nest. oobydooby
  9. I think I owe you an apology and hope you don't think of this as an excuse, but all I can assume what happened. Last Thursday I returned from hospital following a triple heart bypass and spent Friday completely out of things on medication. On Saturday morning I saw the advert and immediately fired off a pm asking if the eyepiece was still available. On Monday I told my partner that I had been waiting a week for a reply and had sent off a message of complaint , she said I've only been home e few days and the only time I had my computer on I had fallen asleep, and she had turned it off before getting me to bed. I can only assume I did not send the pm. I really apologise for complaining and making it so public, and express the desire to purchase the celestron ultima duo eyepiece. Unfortunately there is a little problem. I have just bought an orthopaedic chair/recliner and cannot afford the eyepiece until at the earliest next Monday. If it is available still I will message you to make arrangements for payment, If you are happy to deal with me after being so belligerent. Again my apologies for casting aspersions on your good character. oobydooby
  10. I hope I am not stepping on toes here and there may be a reason, but a few days ago I responded to an advert if an item was still available. I have since heard nothing and cannot be bothere if the seller will not respond. Either he/she wants to sell or does not.. either way a reply would have been courteous.
  11. pm regarding celestron ultima duo 8mm if still available
  12. pm'd. Sorry didn't spot Inlarxg got there first, but still interested.
  13. Long ago in a galaxy far away I had a Star Adventurer which I had accidentally damaged, losing breaking the USB connection, but it still worked. When I tried it earlier this year it would not work so I decided to get a new one, as my age and health does not allow me to use more than a few pounds of weight. (I cannot drive and have to rely on others to take me wherever I go) A few days ago my parcel arrived from a company called First Light Optics, and I noticed it had a warning on the box "May contain clouds". I did not order, nor did I want clouds, and wonder if I should return them, and will I have to pay the return postage. More to the point, how do I get the Star Adventurer out of the box without releasing the clouds, and if they do manage to escape how will I get them back in the box?
  14. Thanks to Davey-T who sent a few screws, one fitted perfectly and with a small spring added the etalon is secure and works as new. Thanks also for all who made suggestions, I would never had any ideas without you all. Tony
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