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Took an odd pic of the sun with my iPhone 7 Plus today


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I seem to have stumbled on the anomaly some people are concluding is "Planet X" (which my views don't match by the way).  Could just be a camera issue but it looked interesting.  I saw nothing special when I observed it through my solar telescope right after taking the shot.  Any light that can be shed on this?


As an added bonus I caught something streaking past further to the left.  I don't know what it is but it's not the ISS as that passed a couple of hours earlier.

This was taken in London today shortly after 6pm BST.

That aside, this is what pics like this look like on such a phone...  I rather like how it captures the sun.


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Thanks for clarifying, that was pretty much my guess for the sun.  It helps to have some extra eyes to confirm...  As for lens flare my most common issue with these iPhones is a small green one that fortunately is easy to see on the live view and simply center that inside the sun to get it out of the view.  Apparently there was another complication in effect on this occasion, which I'm "not" used to and I've photographed the sun many times with a phone.

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