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  1. Thanks for clarifying, that was pretty much my guess for the sun. It helps to have some extra eyes to confirm... As for lens flare my most common issue with these iPhones is a small green one that fortunately is easy to see on the live view and simply center that inside the sun to get it out of the view. Apparently there was another complication in effect on this occasion, which I'm "not" used to and I've photographed the sun many times with a phone.
  2. I seem to have stumbled on the anomaly some people are concluding is "Planet X" (which my views don't match by the way). Could just be a camera issue but it looked interesting. I saw nothing special when I observed it through my solar telescope right after taking the shot. Any light that can be shed on this? As an added bonus I caught something streaking past further to the left. I don't know what it is but it's not the ISS as that passed a couple of hours earlier. This was taken in London today shortly after 6pm BST. That aside, this is what pics like this look like
  3. London is in a cloudless heatwave at the moment so I took this opportunity. I did take some barlow shots but I didn't consider those up to much. Tried a slightly different image blend. Should have shrunk the prom layer slightly really but we'll see how this goes...
  4. My best from last night's eclipse, though with minimum editing yet. Some of them are pretty dark but I was trying to make them match the tones of what I was actually seeing.
  5. I wanted to at least use a x2 but at higher magnification it looked dim/fuzzy even in the eye piece (though I was testing with a x3) and there was this threatening cloud band I wanted to beat. Turns out it was just as well because it went overcast not long after I took this. Oh yes, DMK21 used.
  6. This is the fullest (and smallest) I've ever captured the planet. Thought I may as well share it.
  7. I saw Currys PC World stores are doing a promotion on this camera. Looks nice and compact so is even lighter for telescopes and is 18MP (as opposed to the 1000D being 10MP). I also noticed it has a touch-screen focus feature. Yet to do some proper web-research on the camera though, like what screen resolutions it's capable of and such. I gather my 1000D lenses and telescope nose-piece are compatible with it. What I initially need to know is what any drawbacks there are changing to that camera, and whether it's enough of an upgrade to merit the purchase. Would my telephoto lens be a bit h
  8. Outstanding results and some interesting activity going on! Encourages me to consider and upgrade to the PST one of these days.
  9. Yeah, AS2 tends to give me better Saturn results I notice. Deconvolution is also very effective.
  10. Just to clarify: Height was 31 degrees. The bordered image is the actual photo. The bigger image on the left is a calsky.com rendering thrown in to help make sense of what's going on. As for the result, well it's a great deal better than yesterday. Venus was very flickery then; too much atmospheric disturbance, and clouds moved in before I could get a picture in. Today was still a little on the windy side so I'd be surprised to get "any" detail.
  11. Having recently discovered I could "enable" the Sun for tracking with an SE mount I thought I'd give some daytime planetary a go. Mercury is a bit close to the Sun for me to see it at the moment but I was able to do Venus.
  12. Thanks everyone for the help! I'm happy to announce (and show) the new setup is a success and I can even attach the glare guard. (Though that does mean more limited access to a knob, that's only an issue for changing telescopes). The suggestions regarding mount solutions aren't in vain either because at the moment both my telescopes have to share the SE mount.
  13. Thanks, it's nice to hear verification that it does a good job with solar telescopes! What would I need to attach it in order for the telescope to be in its proper position, not sideways? An astronomer on the phone at the Widescreen Centre says a Vixen L shaped dovetail would achieve that but if he's talking about this I don't see how that would work.
  14. Thanks for the info! I'll try and get this sorted out this week. Also saw some information on a Coronado DS mount though that has mixed reviews. I've also been advised to just use the GOTO mount that came with my Celestron Nexstar 8SE with an L shaped dovetail. I wonder if that idea works in practice though because when I tried this with the Skymax-127 SupaTrak mount, tracking would go crazy and it turned out light was apparently getting through confusing it. (Supposedly wrapping with cling film or some other light blocking solution fixes this.) So yeah, knowing what my other options are
  15. Hi! I've done all my imaging so far with this telescope mounted on a manual azimuth, which is great for a camera or certain binoculars but it's always been a bit of an endeavour for a moving Sun and I lost a screw for the horizontal axis which doesn't help. The mount has been waning for this sort of thing and the vertical movement is temperamental so I don't feel I'm getting the pristine results I should get with a more steady video. Is there a simple, reasonable budget mount that would work well for this telescope, preferably needing as little (or no) extras as possible in order to actually
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