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Downtime Today

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Hi everyone,

Firstly many apologies for the downtime today, it's cause was implementing the solution to the recent problems in speed and uptime we've been having. I asked to be transferred to a new server and here we are, we have moved from tiresias to nile. Hopefully we shall fair better here.

Please let me know if theres anything not working correctly.



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The advertising isn't working and neither are some of the images...

Think it might be the uploaded images that aren't working. Your avatar isn't working either.



Hi mate, this is because your browser is still caching the broken pages, try hitting refresh a few times...

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So far so good.

Keep up the good work mate it is much appreciated by all.

Thanks SkyGuy, I've been really really annoyed over all the problems recently, not just because it reflects badly on me and what I do but also because in some sad soppy kind of way I feel like I've let you all down.

I really hope this is the end of the problems (touch wood).

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not buying it grant. I've refreshed about 20 times...

Also done several CTRL +f5's - still not working. Cleared down my temp files and deleted all offline content.

Now even less is working.

Also just noticed that http://www.stargazerslounge.co.uk doesn't work at all, but http://stargazerslounge.co.uk does (with the problems listed above).


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You had me worried today, but then I realised you must be workin g your magic.

I have had trouble logging on from my desk top. Keeps saying server not found, when I use the book mark, www.stargazerslounge.co.uk gets me on to the home page, asks me to log in (I have it set on the forever), enter details, comes back with server not found??? :p:D:lol::p :scratch: :scratch: :scratch: :scratch:

Dug my laptop out, which I have ised occassionaly, and hey presto, in straight away and logged on automatically.

I thought you lot didn't love me anymore :? :(

I also rxed a email from frapp today, with no message? :?


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The problem is that Internet exploring is likely to be caching the old version of the site. To fix it on Ants computer, Heres what we did:

Open a command prompt (start menu - accessories - command prompt)
type: "ipconfig /flushdns"
Hit enter
It will say flush successful or some such message
Restart internet explorer

The forum should then load fine then. Please could people tell anybody else who may not have access at the moment. I think most regulars are back on now but just in case anybody is missing. The fix above will solve itself after a day or so.



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Just to say Thanks again for your Sterling work I was definately starting to worry I have posted the facts about my personal tale in from the cold which after reading the post here on this thread can say yes it works

top marks marks again go to you admin chaps

nice one

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