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Sol 7-8-16 12.00 new spots


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some dodgy shots through the cloud and with the window frame blocking 40% of my aperture. theres 2 new spots coming on to the disc, great stuff, there not the bigest but thay will do for me. seeing wasnt so good today. taken with 120mm frac, 1.5x barlow, lunt wedge, 1200d in mono and 1:1 crop mode. tomorrow looks like a better day for me, clear skys forcast, hope there not telling lies again.  hope you all have clear skys.  charl.


sol 7-8-16 1200 bnw.png


sol 7-8-16 1200 col.png

invert, i could not resist.

sol 7-8-16 12.15 inv.png


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